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Herron School of Art + Design’s Class of 2023 Recognition Event

Watch as friends and family members of Herron’s "soon-to-be" graduates gather at a school-wide ceremony to celebrate the completion of their degrees and the start of their creative…

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Emergency of Emergencies: The Aesthetics & Politics of Climate Justice

Watch the public talk by art historian T. J. Demos, founder of the Center for Creative Ecologies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, about the intersections of contemporary art, radical…

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2023 Thesis - Kaylin Hodson: Self-Injurious Behaviors: Art Therapy Group for Recovery Maintenance in Adults with SIB

Art therapy treatment groups can be beneficial in addressing the gaps in the treatment of adults in the recovery of self-injurious behaviors (SIB). A literature review is used to explore the…

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2023 Thesis - Kaylee Garber: Evaluation of Veteran's Programming Addressing Transitional Stress: A Literature Review

Veterans programming looking at transitional stress for post 9/11 veterans are essential in addressing feelings of disconnection, isolation, safety needs, and tension during the reintegration…

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2023 Thesis - Erin Rolland: Dollhouse Play as Self-care: A Heuristic Study to Combat Burnout

Self-care is beneficial as a proactive measure to prevent and treat burnout in the helping profession. Through a heuristic study, this article provides a practical approach to using play as a…

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2023 Thesis - Elizabeth Bolt: Surveying Hospitalized Children to Create Stimulus Drawings for an Art Therapy Assessment

Art therapy assessments can be a way to identify the needs of children in the medical setting. A four-question mixed methods survey approach was administered to children in a hospital as a…

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2023 Thesis - Brooke Neubaum: Identifying Curative Factors of Art Therapy Gallery Exhibition with Veterans: A Feminist Approach

Art therapy gallery exhibition scan address the mental health needs of veterans by empowering clients to share their experiences in art therapy settings on a public scale. This article uses…

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2023 Thesis - Benjamin Aquila: Defining and Promoting Therapeutically Beneficial Interior Design

Shelter benefits mental well-being in a more accessible fashion compared to traditional mental health services in the United States. This benefit can be exaggerated by interior design decisions that…

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Anne Harris Event: The Mind's I

Hear from nationally renowned artist Anne Harris on her ongoing drawing project "The Mind's I," which explores the complexities of perception and self-perception. Harris debuted…

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Eleanor Heartney Talk & Opening Reception

What is America’s essence? Have we lived up to our ideals? As such questions roil our political culture, Montana-based artist John Buck explores the concept of America as a work in progress.…

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2021-22 Jane Fortune Outstanding Women Visiting Artist Lecture: Ghada Amer

For the 2021-22 academic year, Ghada Amer, a New York-based artist, will deliver the Jane Fortune Outstanding Women Visiting Artist Lecture. Amer, one of today’s leading artists, will discuss…

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IUPUI Top 100 Application Best Practices

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2021 Grewe - Modernisms Peripheries

Calls to globalize 19th-century art history tend to articulate notions of alterity, heterochronia and the need for greater inclusivity against the foil of a hegemonic European modernism. Yet such…

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A101 Introduction Video

Captions edited 8/5/2021 by Shanna.

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Captions edited on 8/5/21 by Shanna.

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Ethical Issues

Presentation Citations: Anthropologist James Clifford asks, “Who has the authority to speak for a group’s identity or authenticity?” (1988: 8) Clifford recognizes these as two…

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Creativity and Art vs. a Pandemic

Presented as a part of the 2021 IUPUI International Festival on February 24, 2021 at 12:30 pm. Join Professor Laura Holzman, Public Scholar of Curatorial Practices and Visual…

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Sense of Place: Arts and Rural Economic Development | Indiana University Rural Conference 2020

Celebrating the story of arts and culture and its connection to economic development with both urban, rural, and suburban perspectives. This session will inform participants on creative resources…

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Building Parent-Child Attachment Through Community-Based Arts Integration and Art Therapy | Indiana University Rural Conference 2020

We will examine a community-based program led by the Eskenazi Museum of Art that explores pairing art therapy and arts integration to foster parent-child attachment for survivors of domestic…

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IU's First Art 'Museum': Using Archival Records to Rediscover the Early Fine Arts Collection / Nan Brewer

Nan Brewer, the Lucienne M. Glaubinger Curator of Works on Paper at IU’s Eskenazi Museum of Art, discusses the thrill of finding an old appraisal in the papers of art history professor Diether…

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MAA-Podcast-001: Helen Keisel Remembers and Plays Accordion

A Concert and conversation with Helen Keisel, an Accordion player from Haubstadt, Indiana. From old-time fiddle tunes to German Polkas, Helen plays the music of her childhood. In this program she…

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MAA-Podcast-002: Harold Williams Makes Miniatures

Harold Williams Makes MiniaturesWheeling, IndianaHarold Williams makes miniatures of remembered places from his hometown of Wheeling in Gibson County, Indiana. When he was young, the small town…

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Rededication Ceremony of the Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art

In 2016, a landmark lead gift of $15 million from Indianapolis-based philanthropists Sidney and Lois Eskenazi launched the renovation of the Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana…

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The Republic Building Dedication Ceremony

Renowned Architect Myron Goldsmith designed the Republic Building as the home of the local newspaper. Completed in 1971, the building has received national attention, and it will continue to be…

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SoFA Gallery Renamed

Indiana University officials gathered today to officially rename the School of Fine Arts Gallery (SoFA Gallery) the Grunwald Gallery of Art in honor of John A. Grunwald, thanks to a significant…

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