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Screenshot Video 3: Snipping Tool (For PC)

Margaret Lion demonstrates taking a screenshot with the Snipping Tool and then inserting it into Microsoft Word. This tool is for PCs only. Mac users need to search for similar tools available for…

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Screenshot Video 2: Screenshot in Word

Margaret Lion demonstrates taking a screenshot using the built-in command in Microsoft Word 365. Example is shown on a PC running Windows 10.

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Screenshot Video 1: Keyboard

Margaret Lion demonstrates how to take a screenshot using a keyboard. Example is shown on a PC running Windows 10.

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Project Video: Screenshot, Save, Submit File for Grading

This video will begin the project, demonstrating the first few steps.

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Social Media Misinformation: Health, Wellness, and Questioning Your Sources

This is the recording of the 2022 Media Literacy Week session: Social Media Misinformation: Health, Wellness, and Questioning Your Sources. Join Carol Kennedy-Armbruster, Rachel Ryder, and Margaret…

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How to access and use Academic Search Complete in order to find scholarly articles

What is Academic Search Complete? How do you access it? How do you conduct a search? How do you find scholarly articles? Your questions will be answered in this video!

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Introduction to your librarian, Maria Accardi, how librarians can help you, and how to seek library assistance

What is a librarian? What does a librarian do? How do you get help with finding information in the library? This video will tell you all!

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Office of Financial Wellness & Education: Saving for College

IU Executive Director of Financial Wellness & Education Phil Schuman and College Choice 529 Senior Institutional Relationship Manager Phillip Waddles discuss how IU students/faculty/staff can…

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Student Engagement and Information Literacy

This webinar provides an overview of the Information Literacy Topical Module including the history of its development and general results. The webinar also includes findings from…

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2017_08_14-CPCS-BusinessWritingTips-ReviseandEdit 2_Upload 8/23

Writing Tip #1

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2017_08_14-CPCS-BusinessWritingTips- Tips 1_Upload 8/23

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Indiana University Online: Student-Focused Learning + Digital Innovation

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F260 00 Course Description

F260 Personal Finance

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OCQ: Instructor Question Personalization

This tutorial will show instructors how to add their own custom questions to the Online Course Questionnaire.

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Tuesday, February 7 Instructional Faculty Issues DEBRIEF

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Judith_Crafton_20170208.mp4 - Clipped by Tammy Leone

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Y103 Chapter 1 - Module 1 NEW

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Re-Vision W131 minilecture

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ENGL132 Introduction and Overview

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macOS hard reboot error

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