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"It Starts with the Sun" - Dr. Roger Hangarter (IU Biology)

Distinguished Professor and Chancellor’s Professor, Dr. Roger Hangarter uses his stunning nature photographs to show how our own resilience is intertwined with biodiversity. …

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Amanda L. Aguilera, LIS Industry Speaker Series

Amanda L. Aguilera Local History Librarian & Archivist Hammond Public Library Amanda Aguilera is the Local History Librarian at the Hammond Public Library archives in Hammond, Indiana. Her…

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Growing Christmas Trees in Indiana | Indiana Uplands Food Network

James Farmer from Indiana University presents on his research with Indiana Christmas tree growers and consumers, exploring the challenges of an increasingly competitive marketplace as well as the…

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Innovations in Rural Food Access | Indiana Uplands Food Network

Carrie Carson from ACEnet in Athens, OH presented about a number of local initiatives addressing access to healthy, local, and affordable food in rural, Southeastern Ohio. Topics covered include…

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Creating Virtual Farm Markets with Local Line | Indiana Uplands Food Network Webinar

Tuesday 7 April 2020, 11am-12pm EST (10-11am CST)Jordan van Everdingen presented on Local Line, a web platform for creating virtual farm markets. Your local online marketplace could be up and running…

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Multi-Farm CSA Model | Indiana Uplands Food Network Webinar

Tuesday 14 April, 11am-12pm EST (10-11am CST)The People’s Market in Bloomington shared their model for an equitable, creative market CSA model they are implementing this season. They discuss…

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Food Safety Best Practices | Indiana Uplands Food Network Webinar

Tuesday 21 April, 11am-12pm EST (10-11am CST)This week we discussed best safety practices for Farmers' Markets, whether in-person or online, during this time of concerns around the spread of…

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Promoting Food on Social Media | Indiana Uplands Food Network Webinar

Tuesday 28 April, 11am-12pm EST (10-11am CST)Kyla Cox Deckard, from IU's Center for Rural Engagement, led us through an overview of social media and other communication strategies to reach…

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Mobile Farmers' Markets | Indiana Uplands Food Network Webinar

Tuesday 12 May 2020, 11am-12pm EST (10-11am CST)This month, we welcomed Josh Gruver, from the Muncie Food Hub Partnership, to talk about the mobile farmers market they have developed to deliver…

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Aggregating and Distributing Produce with Lost River Market and Deli | Indiana Uplands Food Network Webinar

Tuesday 9 June 2020, 11am-12pm EST (10-11am CST)Join us this June for a webinar with Orange County's Lost River Market and Deli in Paoli to hear about some new initiatives they are rolling out…

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CIBER Focus: "Female Education and Empowerment in Afghan Communities" with Dr. Laila Ayoubi - November 1, 2017

Dr. Laila Ayoubi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, a daughter of the Commanding General of the Afghan Royal Air Force. With the Soviet Invasion in 1979 her father was imprisoned. To avoid persecution…

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Light Hadrons Physics at e+ e− Colliders

seminar by A. Kupsc.

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03/06/2017 Colloquium Series - John Ferejohn: “California’s Groundwater: A Political Economy”

It is widely believed that water is badly misallocated in California because it is mispriced, resulting in too much agricultural use. At the same time, however, California’s groundwater…

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Back Home in Indiana Alliance Olmstead Decision

Back Home in Indiana Alliance Olmstead Decision

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Tour of New England

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L3 Commodity Clusters (Seg. 2).mp4

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02/06/2017 Colloquium Series - Claudia Avellaneda: “Local Government Effectiveness: Assessing the Role of Administrative Capacity”

Organizational capacity is expected to contribute to a well-functioning government. However, the public management literature offers few objective measures of organizational capacity and scarce…

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Cassandra Lange - Invitational Speech

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09/09/16 - Tocqueville Lecture Series: Tun Myint: "Citizen Science in a Democracy: The Case of Thai Baan Research"

Over half a century of the power struggle between local communities and the state on environmental governance issues in Southeast Asia, the conception of data, knowledge, and science went through…

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