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6/13/17 -- A. Pilloni: S-matrix and kinematics II (Practicum)

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Practicum 4-3 by Vincent Mathieu

Exercices: derivation of t-channel quantum numbers ; illustration of exchange degeneracy on total cross sections

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Team 4-1 by Vincent Mathieu

Chapter 7: Theory of complex angular momenta

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Class12 xPerience Online Recording

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Energy Levels in Molecules

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I590 Course Introduction - Luciano and Bigelow

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Parks and Recreation - Gryzzl Goes Too Far (Episode Highlight) 1080p

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2016_11_28_K201-GipsiSera-WK11 (upload 11/30)

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P200 Inventory

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10/24/16 Colloquium Series - Alex Lichtenstein: “Consumption, Productivity, and Crisis: Remaking South Africa’s Apartheid Workplace in the 1970s”

This paper explores the efforts of South African employers and the apartheid state to remake industrial relations during the 1970s in order to preserve racial capitalism. During the 1970s, South…

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Alex Garanzini

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03/28/2016 Colloquium - Christiana Ochoa: “Contracts on the Seabed”

Over a million square kilometers of the non-sovereign seafloor is under mineral exploration licenses and, by some assessments, an additional four million square kilometers of seabed pertaining to…

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