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HIP, HIP, Hooray! A Guide to Your HIP Quality Topical Module Results and Data NSSE Webinar

Zoom Recording ID: 89914191396 UUID: 5e/+9BoqRoe2gBpIm8vVTw== Meeting Time: 2022-10-05 06:49:14pm

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Using NSSE Data in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Assessment Practices

The needs of students, which differ from institution to institution, drive efforts to build and maintain welcoming, equitable environments. The third installment of NSSE’s 2021 Annual Results…

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NSSE Sense of Belonging Tableau Dashboard Tutorial

A tutorial on how to use NSSE's Sense of Belonging Tableau dashboard.

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COVID Times and Student Engagement: Using and Interpreting NSSE 2021 Results (Nov 18, 2021)

COVID Times & Student Engagement: Using and Interpreting NSSE 2021 Results NSSE results confirm that the coronavirus pandemic continued to have an impact on higher education and students in…

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Your NSSE Institutional Report 2021: Step-by-Step

The webinar, "Your NSSE Institutional Report 2021: Step-by-Step" will walk through reports, highlight new report features and offer guidance on interpreting results. We'll also suggest…

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Your NSSE Institutional Report 2021: Step-by-Step

The webinar, "Your NSSE Institutional Report 2021: Step-by-Step" walks NSSE users through 2021 reports, highlights new report features and offers guidance on interpreting results. We also…

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Students Entering College Fall 2021: What Colleges & Universities Should Know_BCSSE Webinar

This webinar highlights early results from BCSSE 2021 about entering students experiences during their pandemic disrupted final year of high school and their expectations for and attitudes about…

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Setting NSSE’s Agenda for a Third Decade: Your Input Needed

A discussion about the growing agenda for assessing student engagement and the use of evidence to improve quality in undergraduate education, and NSSE’s role in this work moving forward. NSSE…

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How to FSSE: Everything you need to know

As we launch the Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) please join us as we discuss all things FSSE related. This webinar provides past, current, and future (FSSE) participating institutions…

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High-Impact Practices: Interrogating Participation, Quality and Equity

Brendan Dugan, Jillian Kinzie, Alex McCormick, along with special guest NSSE founding director George Kuh, present this interactive webinar to discuss highlights from NSSE Annual Results 2020 –…

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The LRCs of Academic Advising—Listening, Respecting, and Caring

A free interactive webinar, where we discuss the benefits of trusting and supportive relationships with advisors.

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Do Your Students Feel They Belong? Examining Sense of Belonging and Engagement

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Customizing your NSSE Survey: Topical Modules and Consortia Participation

This pre-recorded webinar reviews the basics of customizing your NSSE participation with Topical Modules or consortium participation. An overview of the available Topical Modules and consortia for…

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Highlighting NSSE 2021: New Offerings in a Year Like No Other

Amid unprecedented shifts in undergraduate education, how can colleges and universities maintain continuity in their assessment efforts while taking into consideration today’s changed…

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Real Data Talk: NSSE 2020 Institutions' Plans to Analyze and Use Their Results to post

Real Data Talk: How are NSSE 2020 participating institutions taking advantage of their results? What can you learn from the new sense of belonging items? How have you used the COVID-19 variable?…

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Beyond the Institutional Report: A Guide to Your NSSE Data File

NSSE reports are a great resource for assessing the quality of undergraduate education on your campus, but may not answer specific questions about the engagement of particular subpopulations,…

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Your Institutional Report 2020: Step by Step Guide

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NSSE 2020 Follow-up: Using Results Collected During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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NSSE FSSE 2020 Guidance on COVID-19 Disruption new

The Webinar, “NSSE & FSSE 2020: Guidance on COVID-19 Disruptions,” recorded on Thursday, March 26 at 2:00 pm Eastern time. NSSE and FSSE project staff facilitated this webinar to…

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Supporting CSU GradInitiative 2025: NSSE‐BCSSE Follow‐up

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Last Minute Promotion Tips Recording

This session provides a brief refresher on ideas to promote the NSSE survey administration on your campus. Rather than discussing specific incentives, the focus is on advertising campaigns…

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Telling Your Data Story: Sharing NSSE Results on Campus

So you've received your NSSE report package and shared it with a few key stakeholders. Now what? How can you gain still more traction from your data? Who else might be interested in…

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NSSE Student Housing Report Walk-through

Institutions that participated in the 2018 NSSE/ACUHO-I Housing Study are invited to join this free webinar to walk through the new reports, ask questions of the researchers, and hear a brief summary…

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Your NSSE Institutional Report 2018: Step by Step

We hope you are eagerly poring over your NSSE 2018 results. To support your efforts, please join Jillian and Bob for a free webinar on Tuesday August 28, at 2:00 pm (Eastern) for…

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Your NSSE Institutional Report 2017: Step by Step

We hope you're eagerly poring over your NSSE 2017 results. To support your efforts, please join Jillian and Bob for a step-by-step walkthrough of your Institutional Report…

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