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2017_01_13_AnnBastianelli-TedX-Practice2 (upload 01/13)

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2017_01_12_AnnBastianelli-TedX-Practice1 (upload 01/13)

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Year in Review-FINAL4

Indiana University 2016 In Review Promises That Count

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Nancy Hogshead-Makar (2016), Title IX’s Heavy Lift for Coaches: Why Don’t the Most Successful Women’s Coaches Have Job Security?

Birch Bayh Lecture Series

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Logic: Statements, Negations

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Finding the Fit

Finding the cultural fit with a company or position. Yes, it is a thing.

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2016_3_15_UCSO - Tehanee's Series_Students - Job Search (upload 6/28)

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Dan Giles Mock

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Brian Romoser Mock

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RCAP - Greg Louganis Interview

An interview with Greg Louganis

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CIBER Focus: "Effects of the 2014 World Cup on the Infrastructure of Brazil" with Alex Lopes - February 5, 2015

Professor Alex Lopes of Indiana University's Kelley School of Business discusses the economic, as well as Brazil's infrastructure effects of the 2014 World Cup, and how these will be…

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