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Lotus Norton-Wisla, LIS Industry Speaker Series

Lotus Norton-Wisla, MLIS Community Outreach Archivist Washington State University Libraries Lotus Norton-Wisla (she/her/hers) is the Community Outreach Archivist at Washington…

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Pam Napier: Getting Ready for Third Year Review & Promotion to Associate Professor

In this segment, Pam Napier, assistant professor of Visual Communications at the Herron School of Art and Design, discusses her path to Associate Professor as a publicly-engaged scholar giving…

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CIBER Focus: "Taiwanese Law and Indigenous Rights" with Professor Awi Mona - October 11, 2017

Awi Mona is a legal scholar dedicated to the research and development of indigenous movements and legal systems. He specializes in international law, human rights law, indigenous law, and cultural…

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It’s Not So Black and White: Talking Race, From Ferguson to Bloomington

A panel at Indiana University Bloomington featuring widely known historian and writer William Jelani Cobb will discuss issues involving race, discrimination and the series of 2014 police shootings…

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Peds_GrRds 9/6/2017: "Gender Health in Children and Adolescents" J. Dennis Fortenberry MD

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09/11/2017 Colloquium Series: David Stadelmann Department of Economics, University of Bayreuth:“Politicians Change Their Behavior and Seek the Public Interest after Achieving Office”

Do newly elected politicians correspond to the public interest after achieving political office? We show that politicians change their behavior once changing from one elected office to another. In…

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Signature Authority

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Race, Ethnicity, and Health

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August Insights and Innovations: The American Community Survey (ACS) and Data on Disability

This session, presented by Lewis E. Kraus, MPH, MCP, Co-Director of the Center on Disability at the Public Health Institute, will provide an overview of the disability measures in the American…

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M02V06 The Dark Triad

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Orientation_Buelow1_20170814.mp4 - Clipped by Malarie Piercy

Scheduled recording

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August Comp Directors

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06/14/2017 Student Seminar : The electromagnetic Sigma-to-Lambda Transition Form Factor at low energies - E. Perotti

Student Seminar: The electromagnetic Sigma-to-Lambda Transition Form Factor at low energies by E. Perotti

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Scheduled recording - Edited

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Adult Socialization

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A.Session 1. Katie and Ali- Welcome

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C. Session 2. Lisa- How to Introduce the Family Assessment Tool

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B. Session 1. Lisa- Importance

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Screen Capture - 2017 Jun 14 10:16:13

Research Presentation

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Inaugural Ostrom Workshop Colloquium on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance

Cyber Compellence: Applying Coercion in the Information Age (Prof. Benjamin M.Jensen, Prof. Brandon Valeriano, & Prof. Ryan Maness)

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Intervention Proposal #2

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Public Health and You - Human Trafficking in Indiana

Dr. Deborah Goetz and Allen Bell discuss the Indiana Trafficking and Victims Assistance Program.

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Peds_GrRds_3/29/2017: "Quinolone Qualms: Are They Safe to Use in Pediatrics?" Kristen Nichols, PharmD, BCPS (AQ-ID), BCPPS

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