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Outlook: Managing Your Email - Organizing the Inbox with Categories and Follow-up Flags

Learn how to organize your Outlook inbox with categories and flags in this video.

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Kaltura Management Console (KMC) Overview

This video tutorial explores the various features Kaltura's Management Console or 'KMC' has to offer. The video will equip every KMC user with the skills and knowledge to make full use…

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Report Form Demonstration

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SNAAP Recruitment Messages Tutorial

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Limits, Clinical Queries, and Full text

Searching PubMed and using Limits, Clinical Queries, and finding Full Text

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OCQ: Instructor Question Personalization

This tutorial will show instructors how to add their own custom questions to the Online Course Questionnaire.

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Scotts Team 2 presentation - FINAL Clipped by Diania Maisonneuve

Scheduled recording

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Scotts Team One presentation - FINAL Clipped by Diania Maisonneuve

Scheduled recording

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Quick Check Overview

Learn more about Quick Check in this IU Knowledge Base article or in the more detailed Quick Check documentation. Transcript: Quick Check is a tool for creating inline assessments in Canvas,…

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2016_9_6_X503-LinkedIn upload 9/22

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Canvas Showcase - 2016-17 Version

Learn more about the resources in the 2016-17 academic year version of the Canvas Showcase. Showcase resources are available through Canvas Commons for import into any course site.

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