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SDG Global Conversations: Futures Literacy UNESCO

In this SDG Global Conversation, IUPUI welcomes Dr. Riel Miller, the Director of Futures Literacy at UNESCO’s Paris headquarters. Dr. Miller is the editor of ‘Transforming the…

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Teaching Contested Narratives - April 22, 2021

Teaching Contested Narratives for Equitable and Inclusive Education: Lessons from Israel and Cyprus Michalinos Zembylas from the Open University of Cyprus, and Zvi Bekerman from Hebrew University of…

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Food security and poverty alleviation in India - IUPUI SDG Global Conversations

Originally presented as a part of the IUPUI International Festival on February 23, 2021, and as a part of the ongoing SDG Global Conversations hosted by the IUPUI Office of International Affairs.…

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Teaching SDGs in the Local and Global Classroom

Presented on February 25 as a part of the 2021 IUPUI International Festival. Over the past year, the IUPUI Office of International Affairs has been hard at work developing a framework that uses the…

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Poverty Eradication in China - SDG Global Conversations January

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Nora Große from the Freie Universitat Berlin "Teaching for Sustainable Development"

This month’s (November 2020) SDG Global Conversation will feature Nora Große from the Freie Universitat Berlin (Free University, Berlin). Freie is a world leader in sustainability…

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Transforming Our World: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development - Phil McGowan

Phil McGowan, Newcastle University - Speaker Presentation: “Transforming Our World: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” Meeting Date 12 AUG 2020

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Manu V. Mathai "SDGs On a Finite Planet"

SDG Monthly Meeting 17 Sept 2020 Manu V. Mathai "SDGs On a Finite Planet" Ecology and development expert Prof. Manu Mathai from the Azim Premji University in India. Dr. Mathai’s…

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Bio-waste and Renewable Energy: Peter Schubert and Moi University partners

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CIBER Focus: "IU: Leading Local, Regional, and Global Sustainable Initiatives and Impacts" with Bill Brown - May 3, 2016

The United Nations revealed the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals not too long ago with focus on positively transforming the world by 2030. While the 17 streamlined goals are meant to be…

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