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I414/514/609 Tech for Animals, A Seminar on Animal-Computer Interaction

Course description and introduction

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INFO I411 and I511 - Introduction to ACI Methods

Course Description for INFO I411 and I511 - Intro to ACI Methods

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INFO-I216: Humans, Animals, and AI Course Description

Course description for INFO 216: Humans, Animals, and AI

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INFO I512 - Direct Observation and Design

Course description for INFO I512 - Direct Observation and Design

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INFO I414 and I514 - Seminar in Animal Computer Interaction

Course Description for INFO 411 and 511 - Seminar in Animal Computer Interaction.

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AI Talk Series: Geoffrey Fox, June 16, 2020, "Deep Learning for Time Series and Science Data in MLPerf"

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AI Talk Series: Lei Jiang, June 9, 2020, "Scalable and Privacy-Preserving Hardware/Algorithm Co-design for Accelerating Genome Sequencing"

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