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Why Is a Full Circle 2π Radians?

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Trig Nibble: Figuring Out Trig Functions by Hand

Ahhh, the dreaded "figure the 6 trig functions out by hand" request. It's not that bad!!! :-) Essentially, there are only 5 angles they are going to ask for, who only can result in 5…

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Trig Nibble: "Memorizing" the Unit Circle

The Unit Circle has so many values on it that memorizing it can seem impossible. But, you only need to memorize five! Warning: unscripted! :-)

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Solving the Side-Side-Angle (SSA) Ambiguous Case

This is my very first mathematics "how to" apologies for your torture ahead of time. :-) In many ways I am just getting used to the technology, but you will learn to solve…

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Trig Nibble: Transforming Your Key Points

You know how to graph a y = sin(x) or y = cos(x) by starting with your 5 key points. But, someone has gone and made it messy by changing the period and doing a phase shift. How do you figure out…

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Trig Nibble: Reverse Arc Length

What if you have the radius and the the length of the arc? How do you figure out what the angle in radians is? P.S. That is "Cahill: United States Marshal" in the background. :-)

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Trig Nibble: Arc Length

For our first Trig Nibble, Alan shows you how to calculate the length of an arc. Please go about 4 minutes in if you just want to know how to do it, not what is going on behind the formula. :-)

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M126 7.5 More Sum-Product Formula

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M215_1.4 Trig & Graphs

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