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Calc Nibble: The Evil Problem 4.1.39

How do you find the critical values for f(x) = xsqrt(x-a), where "a" is a constant. (What is/are the general critical point value(s)?) I don't do the problem for you, but I give you…

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Calculus I Nibble: You Have Already Been Using Implicit Differentiation and the Chain Rule

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M123 Section 2.4B Ave Rate of Change

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c101 Ch 1 V 1

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M215_4.4 Optimization

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M215_4.3 Derivatives & Graphing, Poly Example

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M215_2.6 Continuity

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M215_2.1 Limits, Ave & Inst Rate of Change

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M215_1.3 Inverse Functions

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5.5 Substitution Rule for Integration M215 Spr17

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Juan's Math Story

Juan's math story (5 min)

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Catalysts and Enzymes

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