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Using NSSE Data in Student Affairs

Student affairs professionals have been called to continue increasing collaborative efforts to assess student learning and development. One approach is for student affairs…

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LSMCE Webinar: Evaluation Best Practices for LSAMP Alliances

PRESENTERS Frances Carter‐Johnson, Ph.D., Education Data Scientist, National Science Foundation Sarah‐Kay McDonald, Ph.D., Program Director, National Science Foundation Evaluation plays…

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Kuali COI How to Login and Create a New Disclosure (Outside Interests)

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dwoodhou MP4s_C522 Woodhouse II_C522 Summer Module 3 Project Mgt

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IUSM WL - FCP1 - Course Intro - 170821 - Keller

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B111 M123 College Algebra, Linear Inequality Applications, 1.7

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FCP2 Preceptor Presentation

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G107 Week 6 Overview

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G107 Week 6 Overview~1

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NBME Review with Dr. Stanton (7/19)

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HESA Quals Q & A w/ Tom Nelson Laird 7/25/2017

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LibInsight Example

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Sec Reg Topic C Part 2: What is a Security?: Common Enterprise: Part 2

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Video 3: Critical Data in Notes and Attachments

Video 3 in Critical Data in KFS training.

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Getting Started with the IU Web Framework

This is a recording of the IT Training webinar session on the IU Web Framework, held on May 19th, 2017.

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SalesForce Apex Training - Session 12 on Unit Testing

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