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Canvas Update 4/20/2021

Spring 2021 Canvas updates Word document is available at

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Best Practices for Recording Using Kaltura and Zoom

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Editing Captions using the Kaltura Caption Editor

Learn how to edit closed captions in Kaltura's caption editor with this video from IT Training.

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Ruminations on the Orbit Category

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2019 SEM Panel 10C: Sound as Surrogate, Schema, and Mediator of Interbodily Communication in Martial Arts

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2019 SEM Panel 9A: Decolonizing British and North American Ethnomusicology/ies

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President McRobbie's 2019 Bicentennial State of the University Address

In keeping with the Faculty Constitution and IU tradition, the University Faculty Council invites the president to present a report on the state of the university each year. President Michael A.…

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F200 Lect05 Seg 1

Segment 1: Types of Yields Lecture 5: Interest Rates

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M200 Lect13 Seg 2

Segment 2: Types and Design Lecture 13: The Distribution Channel

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04/17/2019 Ostrom Lecture on Environmental Policy - Barry Rabe: The Politics of Carbon Pricing

Carbon pricing in the form of carbon taxes or cap-andtrade has been broadly embraced by economists for decades as the best policy option for mitigating the threat of climate change linked to fossil…

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04/15/2019 Colloquium Series - Ronald Deibert: “A Tale of Two Cyber Conflicts: Civil Society and Commercial Threat Reporting”

Public and academic knowledge of cyber conflict relies heavily on data from commercial threat reporting, but this data provides a distorted view of cyber threat activity. Commercial actors are…

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04/01/2019 Colloquium Series - Gustavo Torrens: “Property Rights and Domestication”

This paper combines the property rights approach of Barzel with notions from renewable resources and evolutionary economics to examine the domestication of wild animals. Wild animals are governed…

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ITEST Maker Families

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Audition: The Basics - Introducing the Audition Interface

Learn more about the Audition interface in this quick video.

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02/25/2019 Colloquium Series - Fred H. Cate: “AI Governance Challenges and Mistakes We Might Avoid Repeating”

Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly developed in recent years. Today, AI tools are used increasingly by both private- and public-sector organizations around the globe. The capabilities of…

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_Video in Canvas with Kaltura

In this IC Quick Tip, we demonstrate how to: Open Kaltura Mediaspace in the Canvas LMS Record a video using Kaltura Capture Share your video in your Canvas course(s)

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02/11/2019 Colloquium Series - Jessica Eaglin: “Sentencing’s Technological Counternarrative”

Since the rise of clinical rehabilitation in the 1960s, states have adopted numerous sentencing technologies to “improve” the distribution of punishment. This article identifies three…

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Two-Factor Authentication with Duo: Restoring Your Account on an iOS Device

This video will walk you through the process of restoring your Duo account on a new iOS device.

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11/30/2018 Tocqueville Lecture Series - Dalibor Rohac: “Polycentrism, Sovereignty, and International Cooperation”

The post-war period has seen a development of many forms of international cooperation. To understand this “Cambrian explosion” of new institutions, treaties, and various…

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11/12/2018 Colloquium Series - Raquel Hill: “Combating Workflow Failures with Integrity Based Checkpoints and Blockchain”

Workflow management systems are subject to failures, including: processor, network congestion, and machine reboot. Various fault tolerance techniques have been proposed to address these failures.…

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Getting Started in Research - Kurt Kroenke, MD

CTSI Training Module

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SHARE ME -Congressional_Candidate_Debate_03.27.18.mp4

Livestream recording of the Second District Congressional Candidate Debate recorded on Tuesday, March 27, 2018. This debate featured the top three Democratic candidates running in the 2018 primary:…

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2018.03.27.0730 - Patent Trial Practice Lecture

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Pediatric Grand Rounds 1/17/2017: "Innovation U. Patents, Brainstorming, and Other Keys to Thinking Like a Biomedical Innovator" presented by Jonathan Merrell, MD

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