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International Education Week 2023--Interstride Virtual Webinar

During International Education Week, IU Career Services International Student Committee is thrilled to unveil a new global career development platform, Interstride! Whether you're a global…

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College to Career - Frequently Asked Questions

IU East Career Services presented on Facebook Live, College to Career: Frequently Asked Questions in Summer 2020. Staff, Sally Saydshoev and Kara Bellew, cover topics including when to contact Human…

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Empower Wayne County_2021 Presentations

Empower Wayne County is hosted by Indiana University East Career Services. This year, 2021, the program was conducted virtually consisting of 9 students and 3 non-profit organizations. This video…

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Technology Deep Dive - Walter Center for Career Achievement Using Microsoft Teams - April 21, 2021

Tanner Terrell an Amanda Mauldwin from the Walter Center for Career Achievement, the career services unit for the College of Arts and Sciences on the Bloomington campus presented how they came to…

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Graduate School Alumni Panel

Interested in going to graduate school. IU East Career Services partnered with IU Alumni Relations to bring this panel to life. Thank you to the past IU East grads for joining the conversation. If…

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Supporting Students in Salary Negotiation

This recording is from a presentation by Taiylor Fields and Matt Rust which overviews salary negotiation trends and the gender pay gap nationally, examines data from an IUPUI alumni survey conducted…

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Expand Your Career Search Feb 3, 2021

Learn about ways to expand your career search while exploring new strategies, weighing your options, and managing uncertainty.

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Tip Tuesday 28 - Video Sharing in Zoom

This video outlines some tips and considerations for enhancing the video sharing experience in Zoom. For more detail about the specific Zoom features mentioned, visit here and here. Additional…

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Brain Based Career Development Webinar Discussion

This is a discussion of the NCDA webinar titled: “Brain Based Career Development (BBCD): The Neuroscience Coaching Approach That Helps Clients Take Action." The webinar description and…

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Career Planning Strategies Presentation Aug 17, 2020

Career planning overview presented to new students during orientation.

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Two Tip Tuesday 24 - Emails that Get Results

In this week's video, we discuss two tips for writing emails that get results: Create a Sense of Urgency, and Include a Clear, Call to Action For a more in depth discussion of improving your…

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Tip Tuesday 27 - Zoom Whiteboard

This video highlights the Zoom whiteboard feature. Some of our suggested uses are outlined below: Group advising - collaboration among attendees on common goals, resources, etc. Career exploration -…

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Tip Tuesday 23 - Zoom Breakout Room Timer & Meditation

This video highlights the Zoom breakout room timer and the InsightTimer app/website for meditation, relaxation, and yoga! Click here to participate in the highlighted 2 minute meeting preparation…

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SPH Career Services: Meet the Team Sept 2

A virtual workshop introducing the SPH career services team and resources.

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Two Tip Tuesday 20 - Google Meet as Zoom Back-up

On the first day of the Fall 2020 semester, we experienced serious Zoom frustrations.And that was a good reminder that we should be prepared with back-up videoconferencing options in case of…

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Why you should be an INTERN? (IU East Career Services)

This video was created by Career Services to celebrate National Intern Day in July 2020. Students shared their stories about their internships and answer common questions about the IU East Internship…

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Two Tip Tuesday 15 - Editing your Zoom Name

This week we explore two easy ways to change the way your name appears in Zoom meetings. Whether you're looking to add your personal pronouns, use your preferred first name, or add an office…

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IU East Career Services Handshake Appointments

This video is a tutorial on how to schedule a Career Services appointment at IU East utilizing Handshake.

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Two Tip Tuesday 12 - In-Person Student Services | Physical Space and Staffing Schedules

In this conversational two-tip Tuesday video, Jessa and Matt discuss the two main ideas being considered as we plan to reopen in-person student services beginning in August. Specifically: how to…

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FYS Career Services Exploration

Kara Bellew, IU East Career Services Specialist, talks about how Career Services supports students in navigating choosing a career. Assessments, job shadowing, informational interviews, and other…

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FYS Career Services -Introduction

Kara Bellew talks about the Office of Career Services at IU East. She will explain various events that the office provides along with services to support students to become career ready.

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Two Tip Tuesday 09 | Systemic Racism in FDS Outcomes

This week's Two Tip Tuesday video explores starting salaries disparities in our first destination survey data and two ideas for addressing this issue. Resources IUPUI First Destination Data…

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Two Tip Tuesday 04 - Shortened Zoom URL & Makeshift Standing Desk

This week's Two Tip Tuesday covers how to create a shortened Zoom URL and how to create a makeshift standing desk for your home work environment.

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