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Scheduled recording

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Screen Capture - 2017 Aug 22 08:38:00

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Conner Prairie

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Meet Kelley Women: Caroline Cronin

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2017_4_4_YWI-Thailand-CarolineCronin-music (upload 4/25)

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Mark Moses - Personal Brand Pitch

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Reactions at Chemical Equilibrium: A Simulation

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SEM2016-6) Paper Session: Jazz Movements and Locales

6A – Friday 10:45 am-12:15 pm Paper Session Jazz Movements and Locales Chair: Travis A. Jackson, University of Chicago Dances In The Desert: Swing Bands In WWII Japanese…

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SEM 2011-Sessions 9A & 10A

Saturday, November 19 8:30-10:30 am9A Freedom Ballroom EListening to the Field: Sonic Presentations of Ethnographic MaterialChair: Ben Tausig, New York University8:30- Playing Under Protest:…

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SEM 2011 Sessions 7A & 8A

Friday, November 18 1:45-3:45 pm7A Freedom Ballroom EMoving Heaven and Earth: Yoruba Movement Systems within Transatlantic Music TraditionsChair:Amanda V Villepastour, Cardiff University1:45- Moving…

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SEM 2011-Sessions 5A & 6 (President's Roundtable)

Friday, November 18 8:30-10:30 am5A Liberty Ballroom BRound Table—Sustaining Folk Arts in Philadelphia: Grassroots Perspectives on Advocacy and Intercultural WorkChair: Debora Kodish,…

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SEM 2011-Sessions 1A and 2A

Thursday, November 17 1AProcess, Influence and Meaning in African CreativityChair: Kofi Agawu, Princeton University Musical Dialogues: Syntheses of Binary Musical Forms into Ewe Agbadza Music James…

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SEM 2015- Thursday, December 3, PM Sessions

Thursday, December 3 1:45 – 3:45 pmRoom 400Walking, Parading, and Footworking through the City: Urban Processional MusicPractices and Embodied HistoriesChair: Marié Abe, Boston…

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SEM2012-Saturday, November 3-PM Sessions

1:45 – 3:45 pm Acoustics and Experiences of the Limit Louise Meintjes (Duke University), Chair Louise Meintjes (Duke University), “Pushing at the Edge of the Social”Jairo Moreno…

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2016_12_9_X447-AustinMoore-ahmoore (upload 12/9)

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Scheduled recording

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All That Jazz Michelle and Victoria w Showtime 3.mpg

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2016_10_19_T175-AshleyBespechny-abespech (upload 10/19)

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2016_10_19_T175-AbbyThomas-abbthoma (upload 10/19)

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