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Ch3_Freedom House_80 Years of Fighting

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Kenny Linden, "Mongolian Environmental and Animal History" (ACES Brown Bag)

Kenny Linden, PhD candidate in IU's Department of Central Eurasian Studies, presents on the field research he carried out in Mongolia last year with the help of a Fulbright-Hays DDRA grant. He…

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CIBER Focus: "Russia's Green Economy, Environmental and Climate Policy, and Today's Civil Society" with Angelina Davydova - February 11, 2019

Ms. Angelina Davydova works as an environmental and climate journalist writing for Russian and international media. She currently serves as director of the Bureau of Environmental Information, and…

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CIBER Focus: "Language, Culture, and Business in Former Soviet Countries" with Tyler Madsen - March 27, 2018

Tyler is the Senior Director of Eurasian Markets at 4Life Research, a company that manufactures and distributes supplements to support immune system health, based in Sandy, Utah. He has previously…

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M04V02-Content Theories

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M03V03 Perceptions shape attitudes

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Community Participation_July_Webinar Series

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L6 OpenMP Code 1 Demo.mp4

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L6 OpenMP Code 0 Demo.mp4

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HPC Demo 2 - Modules

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2017_08_14-CPCS-BusinessWritingTips-PLAN 1_Upload 8/23

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Habitat for Humanity 2 (1)

John Whobrey

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G107 Week 2 Overview

Summary of Week 2 topics and assessments.

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Six Key Points of Sociology

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Bank of America Sample

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SPH-B 403: Xanax Abuse Among College Males Intervention Proposal

Brothers Against Xanax Abuse has created an intervention proposal geared towards college males at Indiana University, regarding the abuse of Xanax.

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04/24/2017 Colloquium Series - Nathan Nunn: “Understanding Cultural Persistence and Change”

When does culture persist and when does it change? We examine a determinant of extent of cultural persistence that has been put forth in the evolutionary anthropology literature: the stability of…

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SPH-B 403 Xanax Abuse Amongst College Males

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CIBER Focus: "Innovating for Purpose-Driven Profit" with David Kay - April 19, 2017

With the demand for meat expected to double in the coming decades, Memphis Meats hopes to disrupt the approximately $750 billion global meat industry by offering meat-based foods that are more…

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2017_04_06_CIBERFocus-DavidKay (Upload 04/11/17)

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Scheduled recording

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Critical Approaches

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