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Beyond Bias: Cenetring Equity and Justice in Academic Medicine

Dr Sydney Rucker talks about bias, equality, equity, and justice and how they relate to academic medicine.

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Manu V. Mathai "SDGs On a Finite Planet"

SDG Monthly Meeting 17 Sept 2020 Manu V. Mathai "SDGs On a Finite Planet" Ecology and development expert Prof. Manu Mathai from the Azim Premji University in India. Dr. Mathai’s…

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CIBER Focus: "Color Balance in Product Development and Media" with Dr. Lorna Roth - September 27, 2018

Dr. Lorna Roth is Professor Emerita of the Communication Studies Department at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She focuses her research and teaching on international communication,…

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B111 M123 College Algebra, Linear Programming, 5.6

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B111 M123 College Algebra, Linear Inequality Applications, 1.7

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CIBER Focus: "Ethical Business and Sustainable Peace" with Dr. Timothy Fort - March 24, 2017

There is skepticism when it comes to the idea of business acting as a positive contributor to peace; but a growing number of academics, practitioners, and diplomats are beginning to recognize…

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2016 Branigin Lecture with Cynthia Enloe

The Geopolitics of Your Bathtub: Why Who Does Your Housework Matters Cleaning someone else’s home is intimate paid work, but in today’s world it is often highly globalized labor. Cynthia…

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Linear Programming: Introduction

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Fiona Clark

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Simplex Method, Maximization, Part a

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Method of Corners, Part b, Infinite Solutions

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CIBER Focus: "Techie Women Have More...: Empowering & Supporting Women in Technology" with Dr. Maureen Biggers - February 22, 2016

March is National Women's History Month, and in order to promote and contribute to empowering and motivating women, the Indiana University Center of Excellence for Women in Technology (CEWiT) is…

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CIBER Focus: "The Way Women Work: Helping Women Discover, Harness, and Use Their Talents" with Rania Anderson - October 22, 2015

UN has declared October 11 as the “International Day of the Girl,” and October 15 as the “International Day of Rural Women.” As many continue to raise awareness in all…

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CIBER Focus: "Forté Foundation's 'Rising Star' Initiative and Early Career Preparations for Women" with Professor Carolyn Goerner - September 29, 2015

Indiana University-Kelley School of Business is one of 10 institutions selected by the Forte Foundation to spearhead the "Rising Star" pilot initiative to encourage, support, and equip…

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