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Assembly Maps

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Farrell-Jones Isomorphism Conjectures

Lück has several surveys on the Farrell-Jones Conjecture on his website.

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Equivariant Homology Theories

Equivariant homology theories were defined in Lück, Chern characters for proper equivariant homology theories and applications to K- and L-theory, but unfortunately, their construction by…

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Algebraic K-theory; Additive Categories

The nonconnective K-spectrum of a small additive category constructed by Pedersen-Weibel, A Nonconnective Delooping of Algebraic K-theory.

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Generalized Homology of C-spaces

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The Bar Resolution

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Functorial models for BC, EC, ho(co)limits, and C-CW-approximations

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Homotopy Pushouts and Pullbacks

References for this material are given in the book by Strom mentioned above as well as Munson-Volic Cubical Homotopy Theory. I don't know the geodesic route to the proof of the fundamental…

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Proof of Theorem 3.11 in DL

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Homotopy Colimits and Mapping Telescopes

The proof of the ladder and gluing lemmas can be found in May-Ponto More Concise Algebraic Topology.

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Homotopy Colimits

For homotopy colimits and limits, I like the approach of Davis-Lück the best. The classical reference is Bousfield-Kan, Homotopy Limits, Completions and Localizations. Strom's Modern…

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Ruminations on the Orbit Category

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G-spaces vs Or G^{op}-spaces

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C-CW Approximations

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Free C-CW complexes

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ZC-Homological Algebra (Limits and Colimits VI)

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Yoneda's Lemma

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Simplicial Sets II

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Simplicial Sets I

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Fundamental Groupoids and Local Coefficient Systems

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Groupoids and Equivalences of Categories

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Limits and Colimits V

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Limits and Colimits IV

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Limits and Colimits II

A good reference for exactness properties of classical colimits and limits is Weibel's book An Introduction to Homological Algebra.

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