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"The Woodland Pond" - Dr. Roger Hangarter (IU Biology)

Many woodland ponds are temporary bodies of water referred to as vernal or ephemeral ponds that when filled with water are inhabited by distinctive organisms. They typically lack fish, which…

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"It Starts with the Sun" - Dr. Roger Hangarter (IU Biology)

Distinguished Professor and Chancellor’s Professor, Dr. Roger Hangarter uses his stunning nature photographs to show how our own resilience is intertwined with biodiversity. …

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Activating Natural Spaces for Community Resilience | Indiana University Rural Conference 2020

Learn more about the ways our natural landscapes are encouraging residents to explore our region, increase their physical activity, travel between communities, and learn about the environment that…

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Kenny Linden, "Mongolian Environmental and Animal History" (ACES Brown Bag)

Kenny Linden, PhD candidate in IU's Department of Central Eurasian Studies, presents on the field research he carried out in Mongolia last year with the help of a Fulbright-Hays DDRA grant. He…

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Community Participation_July_Webinar Series

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dwoodhou MP4s_C522 Woodhouse_C522 Woodhouse W13 Session 10 Sustainability

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IUSM WL - HS Histology of Connective Tissue 1 - 170822 - Turek

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L6 OpenMP Code 1 Demo.mp4

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HPC Demo 2 - Modules

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G107 Week 2 Overview

Summary of Week 2 topics and assessments.

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Scheduled recording

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B190 Lecture Titan Values and 7 Faces

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EJ Presentation Part 3 of 3 Final Cut

Climate Change Solutions

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Macy's Team 4

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Barnes Lecture - 2017 Mar 20

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Green Business Review

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David J. Clark, MD/PhD

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