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Innovation and Resilience: Creativity for a Carbon Negative Future with Ross Kenyon

Ross Kenyon, a co-founder of Nori carbon removal marketplace and the host of the Reversing Climate Change podcast, talks with Professor Kelly Eskew of Kelley School of Business about the work of…

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"Keys to Resilience," with Dr. Roger Hangarter

As anyone who follows the real news about the current state of nature, it is in a precarious state. Since humans are part of nature, the future of humanity is also precarious. For many years now,…

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The Value of Caves to the Natural Environment of Indiana | 2021 Indiana University Rural Conference

The Indiana Uplands host thousands of caves, sinkholes, and springs; all part of an iconic karst landscape that hosts important groundwater resources, ecosystems for rare and endangered species, and…

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Using the Hoosier Resilience Index to Ensure the Well-Being of Your Hometown | Indiana University Rural Conference 2020

Indiana University is partnering with the Center for Rural Engagement to aid cities, towns, and counties as they complete the Hoosier Resilience Index (HRI) Readiness Assessment. The HRI is a tool to…

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CIBER Focus: "Russia's Green Economy, Environmental and Climate Policy, and Today's Civil Society" with Angelina Davydova - February 11, 2019

Ms. Angelina Davydova works as an environmental and climate journalist writing for Russian and international media. She currently serves as director of the Bureau of Environmental Information, and…

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CIBER Focus: "Language, Culture, and Business in Former Soviet Countries" with Tyler Madsen - March 27, 2018

Tyler is the Senior Director of Eurasian Markets at 4Life Research, a company that manufactures and distributes supplements to support immune system health, based in Sandy, Utah. He has previously…

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Climate Change in a Politically Charged Environment

Producers of the PBS series NOVA join IU faculty members to discuss the topic of climate change.As the most popular science series on american television, NOVA airs nationally on PBS and locally on…

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G107 Week 6 Overview

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G107 Week 6 Overview~1

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Climate Change at Copenhagen: getting ready

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Intro to RTTP Copenhagen 2009

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Scheduled recording

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EJ Presentation Part 3 of 3 Final Cut

Climate Change Solutions

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Barnes Lecture - 2017 Mar 20

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CIBER Symposium on Human Migration & Sustainable Development: "What Causes People to Move" - Jan. 20, 2017

The first panel of the 2017 International Symposium on Sustainable Development was on the topic "What Causes People to Move." It featured Sherizaan Minwalla, of the International Human…

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L1 Course Overview (Seg. 3)

Introduction to High Performance Computing Lecture 1 Segment 3

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Ashley Schorr - Invitational Speech

Recording for 2nd class

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CIBER Focus: "Ending Global Hunger and Civic Engagement" with Sam Daley Harris

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CIBER Symposium on Sustainable Development: "Day-in-Summary"

The CIBER Symposium on Sustainable Development concluded with a "Day-in-Summary Discussion" involving all of the day’s panelists. The questions posed in Dr. Macekura’s…

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Heterogeneous Equilibrium

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Using the NIST Webbook

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IU CIBER Hungary Language & Culture Modules 1: Introduction to Hungary

Part 1 of our series on the Language and Culture of Hungary. In this video, Dr. Peter Nemes gives an introduction to Hungary and some basic facts about this fascinating and nuanced Eastern European…

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