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"It Starts with the Sun" - Dr. Roger Hangarter (IU Biology)

Distinguished Professor and Chancellor’s Professor, Dr. Roger Hangarter uses his stunning nature photographs to show how our own resilience is intertwined with biodiversity. …

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Smartphone imaging of the mouse fundus

Michael Peng talks about using smartphone cameras to take images of the mouse fundus.

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Buying a camera

A short video to help you shop for a camera

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Logitech c930 in IP 118

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Image Design

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Arthos Test 003

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Jamerson Intro

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Eyebloc SharkTank S5E13. Cut

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Close Captioning in Kaltura

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Scheduled recording

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Creating Research Posters: Adding Content to Your Poster in PowerPoint

Learn the basics of adding content to a poster created in Powerpoint in this video, including how to add and style text, how to add images, and how to incorporate shapes into your poster. This video…

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Bryan Hall Crestron Demo

Demonstration of Crestron control interface in BY200

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