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Parasocial Interaction and the Dass 21 Inventory

Parasocial Interaction (PSI) occurs when a consumer of media forms a one-sided emotional bond with a persona in that media. A survey was created using a modified parasocial interaction scale (based…

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M00V05-Reliability & Validity

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M04V02-Content Theories

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Clinical Psychological Science Certificate Introduction Video

To find out more about the Clinical Psychological Science Certificate, visit: If you have a question, email the…

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Lecture on how to tap into your creativity.

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Work in the 21st Century

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Adult Socialization

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Kill Bill 1 Elle at Night

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IU HR Project Discovery Session 6/15/17

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Screen Capture - 2017 Jun 14 10:16:13

Research Presentation

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Report Form Demonstration

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2017-05-09 Wools-Kaloustian IUCGH Research and Bioethics SeminarDeveloping and assessing a community-based model of antiretroviral care (“ART Co-ops”)

Developing and assessing a community-based model of antiretroviral care (“ART Co-ops”) by Dr. Kara Wools-Kaloustian

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Emotional Intelligence and Executive Presence Recording

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D661 Executive Leadership - Course Overview

Course Overview

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Class on Motivation

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P102 - Module 5

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Audrey Rich Compass 1 Personal Brand Pitch

What do I have in common with a coconut donut? Watch this video to find out!

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Relationship Management Part 1

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Human Development Erikson's Theory

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