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Introduction to LARP with Eli and Mayghin Levine Part 3

This video set features Eli and Mayghin Levine, owners of the LARP company Elder Entertainment, discussing live action role play with Donetta Cothran, recorded by Margaret Lion. This series has…

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Cheer Camp of the Damned, Part 3

Eli and Mayghin Levine finish their discussion about their game Cheer Camp of the Damned. They also discuss rules and making sure players have fun. Note: Margaret Lion is "interviewing"…

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M123 Section P.2

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04/12/2017 Ostrom Memorial Lecture - Kenneth Shepsle: "Rule Breaking and Political Imagination"

This lecture is based on a soon-to-appear book of stories about institutions and how they sometimes fail to perform in ways we expect. Institutions have figured prominently in theories of politics…

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04/10/2017 Colloquium Series - Kenneth Shepsle: “Rules and Rule Breaking, Institutions and Institutional Change”

The present paper begins with the well-traveled notion of institutions as “the rules of the game” and seeks to give some conceptual concreteness to the idea of rules in order to…

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10/03/16 Colloquium Series - Yan Long: “Domesticating a Dragon: The Contradictory Impact of Transnational AIDS Institutions on State Repression in China, 1989–2013”

Existing research suggests that external interventions may reduce the aggregate levels of repression in authoritarian regimes by pressuring recalcitrant national governments to comply with…

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