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Sounds of Bats and the Bat City with Dr. Julianne Graper

Dr. Julianne Graper speaks about her multispecies research and how she came to study the bats with musical scene of Austin, Texas. We discuss how she recorded bats for her field research, and how bat…

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Listening to an Election with Dr. Justin Patch

What is the sound of a political campaign? How does sound studies examine what role these sounds play in building candidate support and creating community? Dr. Justin Patch, Dr. David McDonald, and…

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IUSM WL - HS - Molecular embryogenesis and neurulation - 170831 - Fai

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dwoodhou MP4s_C522 Woodhouse_C522 Woodhouse W13 Session 10 Sustainability

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ASC Meeting 7.27.17 - Appeal Review

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Audio Design

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Graham Rounds Video/Audio Test 06-08-17

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The Road to Adaptive Reuse_20170301.mp4

The road to adaptive reuse: The integration of sustainable design, the triple bottom line, and technology in the Studebaker Redevelopment Initiative – The Renaissance District, an 80 city block…

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Sequence Alignment and Homology

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Searching CGP

Searching guide to the U.S. Catalog of Government Publications.

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IUPUI PETN Kaltura & Zoom Workshop

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Introduction to SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis

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Scheduled recording

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Connecting to an IU Webinar using Google Chrome and Pexip

Setup and Testing for the Upcoming Webinar Equipment needed - Google Chrome, Camera, Microphone (Headset), Speakers (Headset) 1. Open Google Chrome and go to 2. …

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Techniques in Protein Purification - Overview

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SEM2016-14) Paper Session: Media Impact

Sunday, November 13 12A –Sunday 10:45 am-12:15 pm Paper Session Media Impact Chair: Heather MacLachlan, University of Dayton Music, Social Media, and War Propaganda:…

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SEM2016-13) Roundtable: Music as Communication: Ethnomusicological and Scientific Approaches

Sunday, November 1311A – Sunday 8:30 am-10:30am Roundtable Sponsored by the Music Cognition Special Interest Group Music as Communication: Ethnomusicological and Scientific…

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SEM2016-12) Charles Seeger Lecture

[The audio at the very beginning of the presentations was not captured due to technical difficulties.] 4:15 pm-5:45 pm The 2016 Charles Seeger Lecture My Music Ellen Koskoff,…

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SEM2016-11) General Membership Meeting

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SEM2016-10) President’s Roundtable: Ethnomusicological Responses to the Contemporary Dynamics of Migrants and Refugees

10A – Saturday 10:45 am-12:15 pm President’s Roundtable Sponsored by the SEM Board of Directors Ethnomusicological Responses to the Contemporary Dynamics of Migrants and…

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SEM2016-8) Paper Session: Repurposed Technologies

[The audio of the beginning of the first presentation was not captured due to technical difficulties] 8A – Friday 4:00 pm-5:30 pm Paper Session Repurposed Technologies Chair:…

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SEM2016-7) Panel: Indigenizing Sound, Sounding Indigeneity: Sovereign Spaces and Bodies Through Popular Music

7A – Friday 1:45 pm-3:45 pm Panel Sponsored by the Indigenous Music Section Indigenizing Sound, Sounding Indigeneity: Sovereign Spaces and Bodies Through Popular Music…

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SEM2016-6) Paper Session: Jazz Movements and Locales

6A – Friday 10:45 am-12:15 pm Paper Session Jazz Movements and Locales Chair: Travis A. Jackson, University of Chicago Dances In The Desert: Swing Bands In WWII Japanese…

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