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2019 SEM Annual Meeting Video - Charles Seeger Lecture : George Clinton

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2019 SEM Annual Meeting - Panel 12A: "Where Do We Go From Here?": Exploring New Pathways in Research on Intersectionality and Ethnomusicology

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2019 SEM Annual Meeting - Panel 11F: The Not (Yet) Sounded and the Not (Yet) Heard: Ethnomusicological Reflections on Sound Beyond Acoustics

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2019 SEM Annual Meeting - General Membership Meeting

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2019 SEM Panel 9A: Decolonizing British and North American Ethnomusicology/ies

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2019 SEM Annual Meeting - Public Policy Session: American Hate: How Do We Respond?

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2019 SEM Annual Meeting - Panel 4I “Disabilities and Deaf Culture"

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2019 SEM Annual Meeting - Panel 3H: Decolonizing Ethnomusicology and the Legacy of Western Educational Systems: Perspectives from International Students

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2019 SEM Annual Meeting - Panel 2C: Death, Trauma, and Grief: Ethnomusicological Reflections

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2019 SEM Annual Meeting - Panel 1A “Spaces of Arab American Musical Life”

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SEM2018: Music & Sexual Violence

Chair: Joshua Pilzer, University of Toronto *Sponsored by the Gender and Sexualities Taskforce Violence, Forgiveness and the Limits of Voice in Guinea Nomi Dave, University of Virginia "For…

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SEM2018: Soundscapes, Sound Wars and Indigenous/Mestizo Identity in Mexico

Chair: Kim Anne Carter Muñoz, Universidad de Guadalajara *Sponsored by the Latin American and Caribbean Music Section Sound, Alterity, Memisis and Affect: Repertoires and Soundmarks in…

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SEM2018: Annual Meeting Charles Seeger Lecture

“Ethnography as a Way of Life” Kay Kaufman Shelemay, Harvard University

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SEM2018: General Membership Meeting

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SEM2018: Queer Music In a Global Context

Chair: Heather M. MacLachlan, University of Dayton Quare-ing Ethnomusicology, or When Words Don't Fit Steven Moon, University of Pittsburgh Queering the Melismatic Pitch: Arab-influenced…

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SEM2018: Music, Dance, and Identity in Indonesia

Chair: Henry Spiller, University of California, Davis Dance as Cultural Expression vs. Practice of Piety: Achenese Dance in a Javanese Court City Maho Ishigura, Wesleyan University A Return to…

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SEM2018: Re-Defining Normal: Challenging the Boundaries of Musicking through Disability and D/deafness

Chair: Ailsa Lipscombe, University of ChicagoCorrecting Our Vision: How "Musicking" Helps Us Recognize the Musicality of Students with Multiple Disabilities Michelle Jones, Texas School…

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SEM2018: President's Roundtable - Humanities Responses to the Anthropocene

Introduction: Gregory Barz, Vanderbilt UniversityModerator: Timothy J. Cooley, University of California, Santa Barbara Denise Von Glahn, Florida State University Jennifer C. Post, University…

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SEM2018: Public Policy Session - Music and Prisons in Global Perspective

*Sponsored by the SEM Board Elizabeth Tolbert, Johns Hopkins University, Chair Alison Frater, Chair of the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance (UK), Keynote Alexander Mclean, Founder of the…

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SEM2018: Roundtable - Ethnomusicology in the K-12 Classroom

Chair: Benjamin Dumbauld, The Rock and Roll Forever Foundation *Sponsored by the Applied Ethnomusicology Section Aaron Paige, Arts Westchester Abimbola Cole Kai Lewis, New York City Department…

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SEM2018: Roundtable - Teaching Race and Ethnicity through Music: Intersectionality

Chair: Susan Asai, Northeastern University *Sponsored by the Crossroads Section on Diversity and Difference Krystal Klingenberg, Harvard University Charlotte Heth, University of California, Los…

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SEM2018: Music and Refugee Children

Chair: Nicol Hammond, University of California, Santa Cruz Kids on the Run: Musicultural Engagement in Sweden's Programs for Newly Arrived and Unaccompanied Children from Syria and Afghanistan…

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SEM2018: Indigenous Peoples and World Music Festivals

Chair: Charlotte Heth, University of California, Los Angeles *Sponsored by the Indigenous Music Special Interest Group Sounding Erasure: The Boise Valley People and the World Village Festival…

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