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Rural Indiana's Drinking Water: Problems and Responses | 2021 Indiana University Rural Conference

We will discuss challenges facing rural Indiana's drinking water and opportunities to address them. Panelists will speak to variation in natural water quality, access to potable water, presence…

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The Work + Life Water Cooler Chat (Podcast 03.11.2021)

In recognition of Sleep Awareness Week, we continue to discuss the importance of sleep and share resources that promote good sleep hygiene and fitness. Today, we share employee benefits that are…

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The 'Os-som-ness' of Plants

Here is an easy, fun science experiment that can be done from home! Watch to learn more about an important science idea called --- osmosis.

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Well, Well, Well!

In this video you will learn how a water well works... how does it continue to have water in it when we take buckets and buckets out of it? Come along and we'll explore this together.

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CAN You Guess Which Color? Black, White, and Shiny

This is a K-2 science experiment about colors absorbing light and creating heat. I included the data I collected to explain what I found out and to help you interpret the data you get as well. I go…

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IT Water Cooler - July 25, 2019

(Keynote) IU Studios (formerly IU Communications), Creative and Web Studio - Manjit Trehan Creating a Dashboard in Buy.IU - Matt Sargent Umail - Alex Rudolph IT Leadership Community - Jesse…

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CIBER Focus: "Facing Today's Key Global Water Challenges and the Creation of Social and Economic Value" with Jamie Saxe - April 4, 2019

Jamie Saxe, Senior Director, Xylem Watermark and Corporate Social Responsibility, is responsible for expanding Xylem Watermark, Xylem’s corporate citizenship program, by increasing global…

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IT Pro Water Cooler - 19 June 2018

Keynote Discussion: "Upcoming Changes To The IT Pro Database" - James RussellLightning Talks: "eDS Tech Finder Tool" - Joanna Ray "Two Factor Authentication and REDCap"…

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11/13/17 Colloquium - Kent Portney: “Governing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Solving a Common-Pool Resource Challenge?”

Emerging natural system research has documented connections between water, energy, and food with an eye toward prescribing how to achieve greater efficiencies and to reduce resource depletion.…

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Accuracy and Precision

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Why Inequality?

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M215_4.1 Application of Critical Pt & Extreme Values

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The Road to Adaptive Reuse_20170301.mp4

The road to adaptive reuse: The integration of sustainable design, the triple bottom line, and technology in the Studebaker Redevelopment Initiative – The Renaissance District, an 80 city block…

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Macy's Team 4

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Kaylee Rodell's Brand Pitch

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Green Business Review

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L22 gnuplot Demo

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L13 Parallel Algorithms (Seg. 2)

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Climate Change - Is It Real?

The third talk in the Sustainability and Innovation Lecture Series delivered by Maureen Sertich, North American Sustainability Lead for Whirlpool Corporation in Benton Harbor.

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Lecture 05 - Part 2

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Introduction to Amino Acids

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