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Tableau, Psychometrics, and Content Summaries, Oh My! FSSE Tools and Resources

FSSE recently released a variety of new resources for using FSSE data and learning more about how faculty contribute to the undergraduate experience. This webinar will give an…

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Jefferson Davis, "The Grammar of Graphics: An Introduction to ggplot2" (IU Workshop in Methods, 2017-10-13)

In The Grammar of Graphics, Leland Wilkinson created a systematic way to think about statistical graphics and the presentation of quantitative data. The package ggplot2 by Hadley Wickham implements…

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Deseasonalizing Demand (P481)

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I590 Course Introduction - Luciano and Bigelow

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L22 gnuplot Demo

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L22 Visualization

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Data Visualization

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C533 Session 3 part 2

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C533 Visualization Lecture part 1

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The Office of Public Health Scientific Services (OPHSS) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Abstract: The Office of Public Health Scientific Services (OPHSS), within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), oversees two CDC national centers, the National Center for Health …

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