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Resume Workshop - Apply with Confidence Sept 9, 2020

Learn the features of a professional resume and hear tips on enhancing your resume.

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Crafting Your Personal Statement Oct 12, 2020

Strategies are presented for writing your personal statement for a Dietetics Internship.

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Building Resilience Through Writing: A Free Creative Writing Workshop Session | Indiana University Rural Conference 2020

Learn more about initiatives to strengthen our sense of community and resilience through creative activity during difficult times. Follow award-winning poet and Provost Professor Catherine Bowman…

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2017.09.05.0825 - 2769 B6250 Introduction to Income Tax - Guest Speaker Joseph Dugan

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HANDS Training for IN-SOURCE Volunteers

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ASC Leadership Review

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6/13/17 -- A. Pilloni: S-matrix and kinematics II (Practicum)

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Exploring charmonium with the BESIII experiment - Ryan Mitchell

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Regge fits and spin complications - by Jannes Nys and Astrid Hiller Blin

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SalesForce Apex Training - Session 12 on Unit Testing

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c101 Ch 2 V 5

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Inaugural Ostrom Workshop Colloquium on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance April 27–28, 2017

Security of the Internet of Things: The Roles of Market Forces, Regulations and Technology (Prof. Nir Kshetri, University of North Carolina at Greensboro) Discussant: Worku Gedefa Urgessa…

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Professional Writing and ACE Process PowerPoint with Narration

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The Lost Weekend.m4v

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SEM2016-12) Charles Seeger Lecture

[The audio at the very beginning of the presentations was not captured due to technical difficulties.] 4:15 pm-5:45 pm The 2016 Charles Seeger Lecture My Music Ellen Koskoff,…

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SEM2016-11) General Membership Meeting

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SEM 2014-Saturday, November 15-AM Sessions

8:30 – 10:30 am“Pirated” Indigeneity? Perspectives on a Discourse of Music Ownership, Use, and EntitlementChair: Nolan M. Warden, University of California, Los Angeles*Sponsored by…

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Judith Kaye (2011 Sep. 11), A Chief Judge's After-Life: Reflections on Education Lawyers Today

James P. White Lecture Series

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2016_9_7_C575-AndrewLee-lee996 (upload 9/8)

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Perl: The Basics 16 – Using Data from an External File

In the last video in Perl: The Basics, we'll learn how to take data from an external file and incorporate it in our program. We'll also wrap up the Perl: The Basics video series with some…

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