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Episode 17: Buryat

In this episode, we meet Kathryn Graber. Dr. Graber is an Assistant Professor in the Anthropology Department in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as the Department of Central Eurasian Studies…

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Episode 17: Uyghurs of Central Asia

In this episode, we meet Gulnisa Navaroza, a senior lecturer of Uyghur at Indiana University. Gulnisa represents a significant population of ethnic Uyghurs who live in different parts of Central…

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IU CIBER Career Series: Brigitta Schuchert - Research Assistant in Washington DC and Deputy Editor

Brigitta shares with us the value of international experience and knowledge in her role as a Research Assistant at a DC based think tank focusing on South Asia.

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The Double Helix Structure of DNA - No Forces of Stabilization

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Episode 8: Kazakh

In this episode, we talk with Assem Sagi (Izmukhanova), the Kazakh Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant here at Indiana University. Assem tells us about Kazakh, a Turkic language spoken in…


Episode 3: Kyrgyz

This episode will explore Kyrgyz, a Turkic language spoken mostly in Kyrgyzstan, a mountainous country in the heart of Central Asia. Our guest, Dinara Abakirova, will recite a portion of the Epic of…


CIBER Focus: "Economic Growth in Indonesia" with Shoeb Kagda - September 27, 2018

Shoeb Kagda is an Indonesia-based entrepreneur and media consultant specializing in co-creating content. He's the founder of several businesses including Globe Asia, Indonesia's first…

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Forum: IU delegation's trip to Southeast Asia

Indiana University Vice President for International Affairs David Zaret will speak on Tuesday, Aug. 28, about the recent trip by an IU delegation to Southeast Asia. Following Zaret's talk, there…

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CIBER Focus: "Human Rights Risks and Regulatory Trends in Supply Chains" with Dr. Jolyon Ford - January 24, 2018

Dr. Jolyon Ford is an Associate Dean at the Australian National University (ANU) School of Law. He re-joined ANU in July 2015 from roles at London’s Royal Institute for International Affairs…

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CIBER Focus: "Today's Global Business Landscape" with Daniel (DJ) Sirota - October 24, 2017

Daniel ‘DJ’ Sirota currently serves as Vice President Global Business Unit Leader at Cook Medical, he's in charge of the Interventional Radiology division. DJ started at Cook as a…

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2017_8_24_TomStroudPresentation upload 8/31

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Thai 101 Lesson 5 part 1

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B111 M123 College Algebra, Info from Function Graphs, 2.2

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Global Perspectives Series: Thomas Carothers

Thomas Carothers is Vice President for Studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. His lecture entitled "Doubts and Dilemmas: U.S. Responses to Arab Political Change" was…

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Global Perspectives Series: Hasain Haqqani

Hasain Haqqani served as Pakistan's ambassador to the United State between 2008-2011. He is currently Professor of the Practice of International Relations, Boston University. His lecture…

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SBS Faculty Candidate Dr Sarah Javier 2017-07-31

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Wu Weng I - Final Personal Brand Pitch

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R685 Intro

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Tough Decisions: Defending the Homeland

Produced by WFYI, in partnership with the Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis and the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Tough Decisions: Defending the Homeland takes viewers…

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CIBER Focus: "Entrepreneurship & Corruption in China" with Dr. Xiaoyun Yu - May 1, 2017

In this edition of CIBER Focus, Dr. Xiaoyun Yu will share her insights on the state of entrepreneurship in China and how corruption may be influencing the ability of small and young firms to…

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