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The Double Helix Structure of DNA - No Forces of Stabilization

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Unit Conversions - One Conversion Factor Only

Simplified for PHYS-P 104

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The Veritas Forum at Indiana University

Discussing the Question: "Is Faith in God Reasonable?"

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B111 M123 College Algebra, Scientific Notation, P2

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Kirchhoff's Law - The Theory

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IUPUI Science and Engineering Lab Building Dedication

University officials and friends gathered on the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis campus on Tuesday, November 19 and dedicated the new Science and Engineering Laboratory Building…

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I535 Lesson 2-1

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I535 Lesson 1-2

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M123 Section P.2

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M126 8.3 Vectors

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c101 Ch 1 V 2

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c101 Ch 2 V 2

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c101 Ch 2 V 1

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post workshop discussion

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Determining Biomolecular Structure Using NMR

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The Double Helix Structure of DNA

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Calculating the pH of a Buffer (C101 version)

This video does not use the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation, following the convention in Timberlake.

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The Acid and Base Dissociation Constants

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Welcome to CHEM-C 481 - Physical Biochemistry

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Welcome to CHEM-C 101 - Summer I 2017

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Day 1 - Web of Science as a Research Dataset

This workshop brings together data scientists and data stewards from research centers that are using the Web of Science™ at scale. We will explore WoS from the perspective of a research dataset…

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Team Science Sajdyk 22Sept15

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Conversion Factors

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Introduction to CHEM-C 108

A brief webcam video giving an overview of what this course does and who this course is for.

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