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Best Practices for Recording Using Kaltura and Zoom

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CPCS Kaltura Demo - August 2017

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Audio Design

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Graham Rounds Video/Audio Test 06-08-17

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Host View in Zoom - Participants Overlapping Content

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Tools for Active Learning: ToS interactive session 02.22.17

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Connecting to an IU Webinar using Google Chrome and Pexip

Setup and Testing for the Upcoming Webinar Equipment needed - Google Chrome, Camera, Microphone (Headset), Speakers (Headset) 1. Open Google Chrome and go to 2. …

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Forrest Greenwood - Best Band in the World - Snarky Puppy

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Equipment Guide to Echo Kits

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Scheduled recording

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Audio Electronics Highlights from CIC Video for IU Online

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Error Prevention in Echo360

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How to launch Zoom as IT Training

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1992 - Indiana Law 150th Anniversary - David Baker

"Celebration in Three Movements" with an introduction by Dean Fred Aman.

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Revolabs and Shure Microflex Wireless

Revolabs Executive Elite at Big10 Conference Center. Shure Microflex Wireless in CIB MPB.

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