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5-Journals in Higher Education

Transcript: When you think about publishing within your academic discipline, you might consider several options including conference presentations and proceedings, book chapters, edited books, and…

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2-Acknowledging Authorities

Transcript: Scholars integrate the voices and ideas of distinguished and prominent academics into their research in a variety of ways. The most common way is, in an act of humility, to acknowledge…

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1-Credibility of Scholars

Transcript: Welcome to the information ecosystem… where your voice joins current academics in your field as well as the academics who have come before you for decades, if not generations.Your…

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Sociology as Science

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Patten_Lecture_20170227.mp4 - Clipped by Cami Pritchett

Patten Lecture - Michael Watt

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Accounting is a great career choice!

Open your mind and heart to fun, excitement, and a rewarding career! A311 is a major step in your adventure!

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L100 15-3 How to Find a Lawyer

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