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Health and Wellness Coaching Webinar

Michael Shetler, one of our 2021-2022 BSW practicum students, describes health and wellness coaching and how the free and unlimited service, could be helpful for students.

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Careers in Community Health & Human Services

The purpose of this virtual event is to provide an opportunity for current students in the IU School of Public Health to hear from professionals working in diverse roles & settings within career…

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Social Worlds and Youth Well-Being Study - Webinar

This webinar presents findings from the Social Worlds & Youth Well-Being Study - Front Range. The first 60 minutes will include the presentation of research findings, followed by 30 minutes for…

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SPH Careers in Health & Life Sciences Sept 14, 2021

A virtual panel event with IU alumni working professionally in Health and Life Sciences disciplines.

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Get to Know: Health and Wellness Coaching for Students

Health and Wellness Coaching is a free service for IUPUI students. Join Eric Teske, Director of IUPUI Health and Wellness Promotion and a certified wellness and health coach (CWHC), in a live webinar…

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TEACH Orientation

An Introduction to the Team Education Advancing Collaboration in Healthcare (TEACH) Curriculum.

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Get to Know: Student Mental Health Resources

Co-presented by IUPUI Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and IUPUI Health and Wellness Promotion, this live webinar provides an overview of the wellness benefits and mental health resources…

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Coping Using Alcohol and Other Drugs

This video describes how coping using alcohol and other drugs can have initial positive effects, but can lead to negative effects.

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Coping Skills

Problem-based and emotion-based coping.

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What is coping?

In this video, learn what coping is and bust some myths about coping in general.

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Community Conversation: Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Resources | 2021 Indiana University Rural Conference

Community Conversations is an interactive discussion about resources and topics that impact rural Indiana communities. Join us for this session where we will discuss challenges and innovative local…

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Addressing Adversity in Rural Communities: The Effects of Maternal Trauma on Childhood Outcomes | 2021 Indiana University Rural Conference

Learn more about the prevalence and impact of adverse experiences among low socio-economic status mothers on the outcomes of their children based on survey data. During the session, we will examine…

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Family Chat: Supporting Your Student Through Mental Health

Learn ways to support your student as navigate their mental health and resources available to them at IUPUI. The format for this session will be presentation style with Q&A. Panelists will…

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Opening video for Public Health Research Day - Updated based on Dean Allison's comments

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Expanding Access to Healthcare in Rural Communities | Session 1: Health Insurance

Health insurance can serve as both a pathway and an impediment to care. In this session, we discuss the ways health insurance impacts access to care and tested solutions to overcome insurance-related…

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The Work + Life Water Cooler Chat (Podcast 03.11.2021)

In recognition of Sleep Awareness Week, we continue to discuss the importance of sleep and share resources that promote good sleep hygiene and fitness. Today, we share employee benefits that are…

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Rural Indiana’s Shot: A COVID-19 Vaccine Discussion

Do you and your family have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine? This virtual panel discussion covers:How current vaccines and those in development work in the fight against COVID-19 The…

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Condom Club Training Webinar

Condom Club training video from IUPUI Health and Wellness Promotion, spring 2021. At the end of the video, please complete this evaluation for Condom Club member confirmation.

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Richard Gunderman MD PhD: Why Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Couldn't Disrupt Healthcare

I'm delighted to be here today and look forward to talking with you about the failure of one of the most highly touted companies to enter the healthcare market in the last decade or two.

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Indiana State Department of Health at IU Nov 13, 2020

Experts from various programs and divisions within the Indiana State Department of Health share overviews of the important work they are doing within the state to protect public health. Information…

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In This Together: Addressing Substance Use Disorder in Our Communities | Indiana University Rural Conference 2020

Join us for this free discussion, open to the public, to learn more about resources that support conversations about substance use disorder and interventions that fit community needs. In a…

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Addressing Gaps in Rural Mental Health Care | Indiana University Rural Conference 2020

Learn about feasible alternatives for mental health care in rural Indiana. Recommended models will address barriers to mental health care common in rural areas, treatment models informed by a…

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Project Unite | Indiana University Rural Conference 2020

Indiana has the 39th highest teen birthrate in the United States and the teen birthrate in rural communities typically exceeds the State's rate. Project UNITE (Uncovering New Initiatives for…

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Behavioral Health in Indiana: Impacts of COVID and a New State Strategy | Indiana University Rural Conference 2020

Join Jay Chaudhary and Rachel Halleck, director and chief of staff of the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction, for a discussion about the new state strategy for addressing needs at the…

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Trauma-Informed Care: An Online Community Resource | Indiana University Rural Conference 2020

Trauma-informed care has emerged and developed in response to an awareness of the pervasiveness of human adversity and trauma. Guided by five principles, trauma-informed care seeks to promote healing…

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