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Luddy Center for Artificial Intelligence Groundbreaking Ceremony

Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie was joined by IU Bloomington Provost and Executive Vice President Lauren Robel, Luddy Dean Raj Acharya, and others in a ceremony to mark the beginning…

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CIBER Focus: "Bias and Representation in Artificial Intelligence' with Dr. Timnit Gebru - October 26, 2018

Dr. Timnit Gebru recently began working as a Research Scientist at Google AI after completing her post-doc research in the Fairness Accountability Transparency and Ethics group at Microsoft…

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09/18/17 - Angie Raymond: “Information and the Regulatory Landscape: A Growing Need to Reconsider Existing Legal Frameworks”

Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems are already being used to enhance our lives and to transform the way businesses operate. Businesses across a broad spectrum of industries are exploring…

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HYP 201

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HYP 201 - Old

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Deseasonalizing Demand (P481)

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Data Science Meetup August 2017

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Global Perspectives Series: Valerie Plame Wilson

Former CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson presented "Networking: The Challenges and Opportunities of International Public Service" the seventh lecture in the Global Perspectives Speaker Series…

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Scheduled recording

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Emotional Intelligence and Executive Presence Recording

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2017_05_02_MSIS-CapstoneProject (upload 5/8)

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Inaugural Ostrom Workshop Colloquium on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance

Cyber Compellence: Applying Coercion in the Information Age (Prof. Benjamin M.Jensen, Prof. Brandon Valeriano, & Prof. Ryan Maness)

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Class12 xPerience Online Recording

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Delta Presentation - FINAL Clipped by Diania Maisonneuve

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Relationship Management Part 2

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Relationship Management Part 1

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2017_02_01_X574-CourseIntro-MeganAlwine (upload 2/7)

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2017_02_01_X574-CourseIntro-MeganAlwine (upload 2/6)

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Class 3 xPerience Online Recording

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2016_11_28_K201-GipsiSera-WK11 (upload 11/30)

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Kelley MSIS Online Information Session / Webinar

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