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Legal Research & Ruth Lilly Law Library Orientation | Fall 2021

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Prelaw Orientation Video (2020)

Critical information for new IU prelaw students! Rather than holding a prelaw orientation event this year for IU students new to prelaw, due to COVID-19 we have released the following video designed…

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Responding to the Indiana Addictions Crisis, July 2018 INsights & INnovations Webinar

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CIBER Focus: "Taiwanese Law and Indigenous Rights" with Professor Awi Mona - October 11, 2017

Awi Mona is a legal scholar dedicated to the research and development of indigenous movements and legal systems. He specializes in international law, human rights law, indigenous law, and cultural…

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Kuali COI How to Login and Create a New Disclosure (Outside Interests)

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Patten lecture: John Searle "The Logical Structure of Human Civilization"

Searle is a leading philosopher of the mind, language and society. He is considered one of the pioneers of speech act theory and a major contributor to the philosophy of mind and action, especially…

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Contract 1 - rough

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Maurer School of Law Graduate Recognition Ceremony

The Indiana University Maurer School of Law celebrated the accomplishments of its graduating class with a Recognition Ceremony for the Class of 2014.

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Thesis Mini-Course Intro

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2017.02.22.1630 - Admission Information Session - The Four Is

Greg CanadaAssistant Dean of Admissions

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CNPost_meeting 7/25/17

Demo and walk-through of CN Post in INFO C100 Chuck Stapke and Maggie Ricci

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2017.02.22.1630 - Admission Information Session - First Parts

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Scheduled recording

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McKinney Marketing - Jonna's Cut Copy 02 DRAFT 05032017 1558

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McKinney Marketing - Jonna's Cut Copy 01 DRAFT 05022017 1627

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Inaugural Ostrom Workshop Colloquium on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance

ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee: Coping with the Complexities of HybridInstitutions in Global Governance (Prof. Mark Raymond, University of Oklahoma)

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Inaugural Ostrom Workshop Colloquium on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance

Governing the Flow: Power, Information, and Rules Online (Renée Marlin-Bennett, Johns Hopkins University)

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Marketing Environment - part 2 (older version)

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2017.02.14.0800 - Indiana Law Graduate Admission - How to Set Yourself Apart

How to set yourself apart with a personal statement and resume. This webinar was conducted on February 14, 2016. It featured Gabrielle Goodwin, Lecturer in Law; Director, Graduate Legal Studies,…

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2017.01.27.1600 - Linda Fariss Retirement Celebration

After 40 years of service, Linda Fariss retires as Director of the Jerome Hall Law Library. This celebration took place on January 27th, 2017. Remarks were made by Dean Austen Parrish, Acting…

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Strong Traditions Build Strong Futures

Marketing video, Indiana University School of Law -- Indianapolis

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SPH Video-YourSchool

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2016_12_5_X447-KaraMcDonald-karamcdo (upload 12/5)

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Coaching Assignment

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L100 16-2 Consumer Protection

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