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04/03/2017 Colloquium Series - Robert Fleck: “Increasing the Value of Property Rights by Limiting Transferability”

We examine non-price allocation mechanisms when the incentive and information constraints faced by a democratic government may render the ideal (i.e., “first-best”) outcomes…

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Business & Peace Livestream 3: Trade & Peace Panel 10/3/2016

First panel of the Oct. 3 Business and Peace Conference, featuring Donald Cassell, Philip Powell, and John Sullivan. Moderated by John Forrer on the topic Trade and Peace.

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02/08/2016 - Gary Libecap: Economic Analysis of Property Rights: First Possession of Water in the American West

We analyze the economic determinants and long-run e↵ects of prior appropriation surface water rights from 1852 to 2013 and show how formal property rights developed to generate the discovery…

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