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IU Board of Trustees Meeting AM Session

The Board of Trustees is Indiana University's governing board, its legal owner, and final authority. The board holds the university's financial, physical, and human assets and operations in…

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Chapter 10 - Part 3 - Subtlety in Variances and Standards Managerial Implications

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Bank of America Sample

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04/03/2017 Colloquium Series - Robert Fleck: “Increasing the Value of Property Rights by Limiting Transferability”

We examine non-price allocation mechanisms when the incentive and information constraints faced by a democratic government may render the ideal (i.e., “first-best”) outcomes…

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Dr. Linda Williams and Dr. Nicole Fowler

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Chapter 13 Part 2

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04/04/2016 Colloquium - David Konisky: “Policy Devolution and Cooperation Dilemmas”

We argue that the imposition of administrative boundaries on a policy domain has the potential to exacerbate cooperation and coordination dilemmas conditional on the extent to which these…

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