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2024.01 - IN-CIMH Monthly Meeting

Zoom Recording ID: 81153932163 UUID: 9VbiERecRVGwDDDrmHl8+A== Meeting Time: 2024-01-18 04:54:12pmGMT

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Dr. Alex Lion - Religion and Spirituality

IU Profile:

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2021 Grewe - Modernisms Peripheries

Calls to globalize 19th-century art history tend to articulate notions of alterity, heterochronia and the need for greater inclusivity against the foil of a hegemonic European modernism. Yet such…

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Flowing Currents and Archives of Conjure with Dr. Solimar Otero

Dr. Solimar Otero and Amelia Lopez discuss "Archives of Conjure: Stories of the Dead in Afrolatinx Cultures," Dr. Otero's recent publication. The conversation ranges from Dr.…

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IU CIBER Thai Language & Culture Modules 9: Bhuddhist Temples

Part 9 of our series on the language and culture of Thailand. In this video, you will learn about Buddhism in Thailand, what to do and what not to do when visiting a Buddhist temple

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IU CIBER Thai Language & Culture Modules 1: Series Introduction

Part 1 of our series on the language and culture of Thailand. In this video, instructors Suriya Sriphrom and Suchada Sanonguthai introduce the country of Thailand and the topics covered in this…

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The Veritas Forum at Indiana University

Is Science Enough? A Conversation on Naturalism, Faith, and MeaningThe 2015 Veritas Forum at IU features a panel discussion with IU Professors of differing worldviews (two Christians and two…

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Light Hadrons Physics at e+ e− Colliders

seminar by A. Kupsc.

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The Veritas Forum at Indiana University

Discussing the Question: "Is Faith in God Reasonable?"

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Practicum 4-2 by Vincent Mathieu

Presentation of Cesar's Mathematica on complex angular momentum

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Arafa 4/14/17

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Scheduled recording

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2017_02_20_RCM Retreat - 10 Open Q&A and Wrap-up (Upload 03/03/17)

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La Rafle (The Roundup) - 2010 French Film

Please click on closed-captions (cc) for subtitles.

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Division Minilessons p2

Young Mathematicians at Work. Division Minilessons Part 2

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Being There 7

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SEM 2013-Saturday, November 16-AM Sessions

8:30 – 10:30 amRevolution and Song: Exploring Martyr Music of the Egyptian SpringChair: Carolyn Ramzy, University of Toronto *Sponsored by Society for Arabic Music Research (SAMR)8:30 The…

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2016_10_18_T175-NathanielPlogmann-nplogman (upload 10/18)

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Kieran Hatton

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2016.09.14.1200 - Moot Court Training

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