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Adult strabismus: Findings, challenges, and future steps

Tricia Fernandez, MD, discusses findings from a retrospective review of over 1200 charts of adult patients referred for strabismus between 2010 and 2020.

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Retrospective review of pterygium excision at Eskenazi

Dr. Eric Scripture talks about the results of a retrospective review of pterygium excision at the local county hospital.

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_Using Peer Review

In this IC Quick Tip we demonstrate how to set up Canvas peer reviews for an assignment. See Attachments for a downloadable jobaid.

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JuliePoore - Seeking Promotion to Clinical Associate Professor

In this segment, Dr. Julie Poore from the IU School of Nursing, discusses her path to Clinical Associate Professor in light of her teaching and research in community-based interprofessional…

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Outlook: Calendar Essentials - Assigning Calendar Permissions

Learn how to assign calendar viewing permissions in Outlook with this video.

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B111 M123 College Algebra, Solving Exp, Log Eq Applications, 4.4

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FCP2 Preceptor Presentation

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SNAAP Recruitment Messages Tutorial

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Critical Approaches

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2017_02_20_RCM Retreat - 06 Federal Update (Upload 03/03/17)

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2017_02_20_RCM Retreat - 01 Welcome Intro (Upload 03/03/17)

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L6 OpenMP Code 2 Demo

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How to Embed a Padlet Wall in Canvas

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Year in Review-FINAL4

Indiana University 2016 In Review Promises That Count

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Team N Intervention Proposal

Healthy Heartbeat Program

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Beverly McLachlin (2015 Apr. 8), Civility in the Age of the Internet

James P. White Lecture Series

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