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Mental Health in Early Intervention with Nancy Simmons

Early Childhood Center Research Assistant, Kayla O'Neill, interviews Occupational Therapist Nancy Simmons on Mental Well Being in Early Intervention.

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Coaching in Early Intervention with Katherine Hargreaves

Early Childhood Center Research Associate, Kayla O'Neill, interviews Developmental Therapist, Katherine Hargreaves about using the coaching model to deliver services to children in Indiana.…

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Health and Wellness Coaching Webinar

Michael Shetler, one of our 2021-2022 BSW practicum students, describes health and wellness coaching and how the free and unlimited service, could be helpful for students.

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Get to Know: Free Student Wellness Perks

Being an IUPUI student has its benefits. Join this live webinar from IUPUI Health and Wellness Promotion to learn about student wellness programs, including a list of free perks you won't want…

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Get to Know: Health and Wellness Coaching for Students

Health and Wellness Coaching is a free service for IUPUI students. Join Eric Teske, Director of IUPUI Health and Wellness Promotion and a certified wellness and health coach (CWHC), in a live webinar…

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Brain Based Career Development Webinar Discussion

This is a discussion of the NCDA webinar titled: “Brain Based Career Development (BBCD): The Neuroscience Coaching Approach That Helps Clients Take Action." The webinar description and…

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Career Planning Strategies Presentation Aug 17, 2020

Career planning overview presented to new students during orientation.

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Career Design Presentation Sep 23, 2020

Learn about design thinking and how it can be applied to career planning.

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SPH Career Services: Meet the Team Sept 2

A virtual workshop introducing the SPH career services team and resources.

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International Student Success - "How to Prep for Career Fairs" w/ Kelley Alumna Hyemin Kim

Kelley alumna Hyemin Kim (Implementation Manager at Kyriba) talks about her experiences as both an international student and a recruiter.

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CIBER Focus: "Counseling, Economic Development, & International Education" with Dr. Rex Stockton - May 30, 2017

After nearly 50 years working in counseling and counseling education, Dr. Rex Stockton is internationally recognized for his work in group counseling, group counselor education, and group…

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Dr. Allen Broadcast to Students - 5/10/17

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Karman Pate

Karman Pate Midterm

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Personal Brand Pitch

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Molly McGuire Personal Brand Pitch

Personal Brand Pitch by Molly McGuire for Compass 1.

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Tuesday, February 7 Academic, career, and personal counseling_student health

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Peds_GrRds 2/22/2017: "Ethical Implications of Genetic Testing and Genetic Research" Kimberly A. Quaid , PhD

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