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“The Global Democratic Recession. And How to Reverse It” with Larry Diamond

Dr. Larry Diamond discusses a deepening global recession of freedom and democracy since 2006, which has accelerated in recent years with the spread of authoritarian populism. He identifies causes…

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POLS-Y 318 - The Powers of the Presidency

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04/12/2017 Ostrom Memorial Lecture - Kenneth Shepsle: "Rule Breaking and Political Imagination"

This lecture is based on a soon-to-appear book of stories about institutions and how they sometimes fail to perform in ways we expect. Institutions have figured prominently in theories of politics…

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04/10/2017 Colloquium Series - Kenneth Shepsle: “Rules and Rule Breaking, Institutions and Institutional Change”

The present paper begins with the well-traveled notion of institutions as “the rules of the game” and seeks to give some conceptual concreteness to the idea of rules in order to…

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02/20/2017 Colloquium Series - Susan Williams: “Dialogic Democracy, Feminist Theory, and Women’s Participation in Constitution-Making”

The paper describes and analyzes women’s participation in the recent constitutional amendment process in Liberia and argues that a feminist, dialogic model best captures the lessons learned…

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L100 04-2 Personal Rights Under the Constitution

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L100 05-1 Plea Agreements & Burden of Proof

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L100 04-3 Criminal Law & the Constitution

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L100 03-3 The Appeals Process in Indiana

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L100 04-1 Powers & Roles of the Federal Government

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L100 02-3 The Powers of the Supreme Court

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L100 02-1 Sources of American Law

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L100 02-2 The American Court System

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Eduard Humphries - Invitational Speech

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Scheduled recording

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Y103 Chapter 10 - Part 3

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Y103 Chapter 10 - Module 3 DRAFT w SCOTUS IMAGES 10102016 1036

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Y103 Chapter 10 - Part 1

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Jacob Wilson

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2016.09.19.1200 - Constitution Day - Pamela Karlan

BiographyPamela S. Karlan is the Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Professor of Public Interest Law and co-director of the Supreme Court Litigation Clinic at Stanford Law School. Her primary scholarly…

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09/09/16 - Tocqueville Lecture Series: Tun Myint: "Citizen Science in a Democracy: The Case of Thai Baan Research"

Over half a century of the power struggle between local communities and the state on environmental governance issues in Southeast Asia, the conception of data, knowledge, and science went through…

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Y103 Chapter 5 - Part 3

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Y103 Chapter 5 - Part 2

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Y103 Chapter 5 - Part 1

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