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How to View Financial Aid Information

Learn how to view your financial aid information and how to accept certain financial aid awards and reduce, or decline loans that have not yet disbursed. For more information about the Student…

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How to View Your To Do List

Learn how to view and manage your To Do list. A list of items required for admission or financial aid offices.

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Office of Financial Wellness & Education: Saving for College

IU Executive Director of Financial Wellness & Education Phil Schuman and College Choice 529 Senior Institutional Relationship Manager Phillip Waddles discuss how IU students/faculty/staff can…

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Marti Reeser, EdD | Assistant Dean, Academic Records & Promotion

Welcome video for the class of 2021.

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F260 07-2 Installment Loans

F260 Personal Finance

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F260 07-1 Types, Terms & Sources

F260 Personal Finance

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F251 07-2 Installment Loans

F251 Managing Personal & Financial Risk

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F251 07-1 Types, Terms & Sources

F251 Managing Personal & Financial Risk

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Loan Refunds Final

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2017.04.06.1200 - Loan Repayment Counseling

The final loan repayment counseling session was conducted Thursday April 6, 2017 @ Noon by Paul Leopold.During the session, we did: · Distribute a copy of your Federal…

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2017_02_20_RCM Retreat - 08 IUPUI Financial (Upload 03/03/17)

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2017_02_20_RCM Retreat - 07 Bloomington-Financial (Upload 03/03/17)

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Tuesday, February 7 Admissions and selection_Financial Aid and debt management DEBRIEF

Scheduled recording

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Signing Title IV Authorization

Updated: 11/23/2021. This video will show how to sign a Title IV Authorization form.

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Being There 6

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L100 14-2 Steps in Declaring Bankruptcy and Chapter 7 Liquidation

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F151 Money Matters Tips Marvin Smith

IUPUI Financial Services

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F151 Financial Aid Marvin Smith Overview

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Randall Shepherd (2016 Feb. 11), The Problem of Law School Discounting: How Do We Sustain Equal Opportunity in the Legal Profession?

James P. White Lecture Series

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Introduction to Financial Services at Indiana University

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