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Amigas_Drake_Semana 3

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M00V05-Reliability & Validity

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POLS-Y 318 - The Powers of the Presidency

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Maurer School of Law Graduate Recognition Ceremony

The Indiana University Maurer School of Law celebrated the accomplishments of its graduating class with a Recognition Ceremony for the Class of 2014.

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Sec Reg Topic M Part 2: Fraud and Related Issues - Part I: 2017

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Sec Reg Topic L Part 2: Tender Offers: Standing 2017

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555 presentation

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2017.02.22.1630 - Admission Information Session - The Four Is

Greg CanadaAssistant Dean of Admissions

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Chapter one- 2017 Jul 13 04:35:58 - Clipped by Shawn Boyne

Ohlin Chapter One

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Sec Reg Topic A Part 2: Background: Securities Laws in Indiana: Brennan: Part 2

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Sec Reg Topic A Part 3: Background: Securities Laws in Indiana: CTS: Part 3

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Legal Process July 11 - Clipped by Jason Yavor

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JSS20170704BoscoKrieger.mp4 - Clipped by Andrea Adam Moore

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Martha McCarthy Education Law Policy Insitute (June 8, 2017)

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Inaugural Ostrom Workshop Colloquium on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance April 27–28, 2017 -Opening Welcome

Welcome from Prof. Scott Shackelford; Welcome from Federica Carugati, Ostrom Workshop Associate Director, & Introductions; Initial Brainstorming Session: Big Issues in Cybersecurity and…

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Barnes Lecture - 2017 Mar 20

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03/20/2016 Colloquium Series - Tonja Jacobi: “Justice, Interrupted: Gender, Ideology, and Seniority in Oral Arguments”

This article examines how the justices compete for influence at oral argument by interrupting each other, and how advocates interrupt the justices, contrary to the rules of the Court. We find that…

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T175-Yifan Chen's Personal Brand Pitch-chen501

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Personal Brand Video

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Back Home in Indiana Alliance AFFH

Title: Back Home in Indiana Alliance - AFFH Duration: 01:19:47 Recording Date: 03/24/2016 12:59 PM

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Prof. Sullivan guest lecture for Prof. Shaver Remedies class Spring 2017

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