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Mark Sidel - Political Control and the Regulation of Nonprofits in China and India: New Developments and Comparative Perspectives

Professor Sidel’s presentation will focus on the new tools for political control and regulation of the nonprofit and charitable community in China, India and other parts of Asia.Zoom Recording…

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Claire Dunning - Funding the Urban North: Philanthropy, Policy, and Racial Equity "After" Civil Rights

Dunning will discuss how philanthropy shaped U.S. cities in the decades after the civil rights movement.

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Scott Winship - Measuring the Social Capital of People and Places

Scott Winship will summarize his work with others to develop social capital indicators for places and for individuals. The concept of social capital has been defined inconsistently, even among…

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David Suarez - Democratizing the Plutocracy? Philanthropic Foundations and the Emergence of Participatory Grantmaking

A growing number of private foundations are experimenting with power-sharing innovations like participatory grantmaking, and the presentation will provide an overview of this nascent phenomenon and…

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SARC series - Dr. Sagara Dewasurendra

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SARC Series - Dr. Molly Riddle

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Bhekinkosi Moyo and Wycliffe Ouma - Thirty Years of the Ford Foundation in Southern Africa and Implications for Foundation Funding in Africa in the Next Three Decades

The study uses historical grants data from 1953 to 2023 to analyze the next role for the Ford Foundation in Southern Africa within the context of new challenges and the rise of African philanthropy.

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Maarten B.T. de Groot - Giving: Good for the Donee, but also for the Donor

Multi-year research, interviewing and analyzing 200 ultra-high-net-worth families across five continents, has shown how family social capital is important to enhance collective family action to…

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Lauren Carruth - Refugees without Refuge: Migration as Escape When Asylum and Protection Fail

Carruth looks at how asylum systems might change and expand to provide protection to the increasing number of labor migrants who are also refugees. Zoom Recording ID: 87960485146 UUID:…

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Jennifer Wei & Kathleen Badejo - Organizational Strengthening for Nonprofits: Lessons and Trends

Wei and Badejo share trends & practices in nonprofit capacity strengthening. Zoom Recording ID: 82520987611 UUID: BwV19eEBT/KDGz+91Eidjg== Meeting Time: 2023-09-26 03:43:10pmGMT

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Bruce McDonald & David Lasby - Shifting Power Dynamics: Benchmarking Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Practices in the Canadian Nonprofit Sector

Zoom Recording ID: 83484600218 UUID: vxsUGYCQRnWG4uH7n1eoGQ== Meeting Time: 2023-09-19 03:41:33pmGMT

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Dana Brakman - For-Profit Philanthropy: Elite Power and the Threat of Limited Liability Companies, Donor Advised Funds, and Strategic Corporate Philanthropy

Zoom Recording ID: 84378074857 UUID: 8ojJw4grQcugcX/OD+atJQ== Meeting Time: 2023-09-12 03:38:38pmGMT\ This presentation explores a migration of norms into philanthropy that strains public trust in…

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The 2nd Annual MPRINT Meeting and Scientific Symposium- Day 1 of 3

The 2nd Annual MPRINT Meeting and Scientific Symposium- Day 1 of 3Wednesday, April 19, 2023 Welcome & IntroductionLindsey Kirkpatrick, DO, PhD, Indiana University Workshop | Presenting Your…

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Early Career Research Funding from the DoD, a Presentation by The Cornerstone Group, 11/10/2021

Review of research funding programs within the Department of Defense that are aimed specifically at early career researchers, and then offers insider tips on how to better position yourself for…

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Sarah C. Johnson, LIS Industry Speaker Series

Sarah C. Johnson, MLIS, LMSW Adjunct Lecturer University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Sarah C. Johnson, MLIS, LMSW is Adjunct Lecturer at the School of…

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ARPA-H briefing with The Conafay Group 03/31/2023

An overview of the new ARPA-H federal health research funding agency with Jessica Kenyon and Eric Van Gieson from The Conafay Group. Includes discusion of Program Manager opportunities as well as…

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2023 Haslam Lecture: Dr. Rhonda Balzarini

Dr. Rhonda Balzarini talks about insights gained from over 10 years of researching consensual non-monogamy (CNM) in relationships, including polyamory, swinging, and other non-traditional…

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Philanthropy Research Workshop with Dr. Kilinc - March 28, 2023

Ramazan Kilinc and colleagues examine Catholicism and Islam in majority and minority contexts, discerning the specific factors that lead adherents to help others and contribute to social welfare…

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Browse Academic Journals with BrowZine

You are welcome to use the BrowZine browser or app-based platform for browsing academic journals, allowing you to save your favorites and discover new titles. Connect to the platform with your IU…

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How to search for articles with a DOI- Demo is a search engine that will allow you to search for an article by the DOI, the Digital Object Identifier, or PMID, the unique string of numbers and symbols that provides an article with a…

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LIFT-MC session: Your Scholarly Impact: Using Metrics to Connect the Dots

Your digital identity as a scholar is just one facet of your scholarly identity. You are more than your publications, presentations, and grants. At the same time, there are too many profile…

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Ophthalmology Grand Rounds, September 2022; Science of Disease: Retina

Drs Thomas Ciulla and Ashay Bhatwadekar look at diseases of the retina from the clinical and translational science perspectives.

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Introduction to Data Management Plans

This video is part of the Data Topics series created by IUPUI University Library. Over the next few minutes, we will explore the purposes and types of data management plans. This video is part of…

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Investigation of Undergraduate Student Research: Developing a Best Practice Plan for IU East with Assessments

Presenter : Sue McFadden, M.L.S. Abstract The beginning of the commercial Internet in 1994 changed the world. The impact on libraries was tremendous, changing tools, usage, and how librarians…

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Data Topics: When research data is institutional data

This video is part of the Data Topics series created by IUPUI University Library. This brief video will explain when research data are considered institutional data and how that affects data…

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