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The 2nd Annual MPRINT Meeting and Scientific Symposium- Day 1 of 3

The 2nd Annual MPRINT Meeting and Scientific Symposium- Day 1 of 3Wednesday, April 19, 2023 Welcome & IntroductionLindsey Kirkpatrick, DO, PhD, Indiana University Workshop | Presenting Your…

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Early Career Research Funding from the DoD, a Presentation by The Cornerstone Group, 11/10/2021

Review of research funding programs within the Department of Defense that are aimed specifically at early career researchers, and then offers insider tips on how to better position yourself for…

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Sarah C. Johnson, LIS Industry Speaker Series

Sarah C. Johnson, MLIS, LMSW Adjunct Lecturer University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign [email protected] Sarah C. Johnson, MLIS, LMSW is Adjunct Lecturer at the School of…

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ARPA-H briefing with The Conafay Group 03/31/2023

An overview of the new ARPA-H federal health research funding agency with Jessica Kenyon and Eric Van Gieson from The Conafay Group. Includes discusion of Program Manager opportunities as well as…

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2023 Haslam Lecture: Dr. Rhonda Balzarini

Dr. Rhonda Balzarini talks about insights gained from over 10 years of researching consensual non-monogamy (CNM) in relationships, including polyamory, swinging, and other non-traditional…

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Browse Academic Journals with BrowZine

You are welcome to use the BrowZine browser or app-based platform for browsing academic journals, allowing you to save your favorites and discover new titles. Connect to the platform with your IU…

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How to search for articles with a DOI- Demo is a search engine that will allow you to search for an article by the DOI, the Digital Object Identifier, or PMID, the unique string of numbers and symbols that provides an article with a…

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LIFT-MC session: Your Scholarly Impact: Using Metrics to Connect the Dots

Your digital identity as a scholar is just one facet of your scholarly identity. You are more than your publications, presentations, and grants. At the same time, there are too many profile…

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Ophthalmology Grand Rounds, September 2022; Science of Disease: Retina

Drs Thomas Ciulla and Ashay Bhatwadekar look at diseases of the retina from the clinical and translational science perspectives.

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Introduction to Data Management Plans

This video is part of the Data Topics series created by IUPUI University Library. Over the next few minutes, we will explore the purposes and types of data management plans. This video is part of…

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Investigation of Undergraduate Student Research: Developing a Best Practice Plan for IU East with Assessments

Presenter : Sue McFadden, M.L.S. Abstract The beginning of the commercial Internet in 1994 changed the world. The impact on libraries was tremendous, changing tools, usage, and how librarians…

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Data Topics: When research data is institutional data

This video is part of the Data Topics series created by IUPUI University Library. This brief video will explain when research data are considered institutional data and how that affects data…

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Data Topics: What is research data?

This video is part of the Data Topics series created by IUPUI University Library. This brief video will explain when and what research data is/are.

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The Undergraduates of IU Folklore and Ethnomusicology

In this episode we sit down with Levi Gettleman and Elise Suarez, two of our undergraduate seniors. Our department would not be what it is without our undergraduate program and Levi and Elise are two…

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Final NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing

For more information about how IU is preparing to comply with this policy, see This video is a recorded presentation of the IU…

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SPH Research Day 2022 - Final Video

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Navigating CDMRP with The Conafay Group 4/7/2022

A presentation on strategies for finding research funding from the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP), managed by the U.S. Army/Department of Defense. Features Erik Wolf of…

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Combating Energy Crisis with Solar Fuels

3 Minute Thesis Competition Talk by Kaustav Chatterjee, Department of Chemistry.

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Changing Plans: Research, Adaptation, and Pandemic

In this episode, we present a roundtable discussion with PhD Candidates Ross Brillhart, Micky Jo Myers, and Caroline Miller where they share their experiences adapting their dissertation research…

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All About the MHSRS with The Conafay Group and Chandan Sen of IUSM 1/18/2022

A webinar about the Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS), an annual conference at which IU researchers can present research, hear about others' research, and interact directly with…

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Tips for New and Early Career Investigators 1/13/2022

A webinar offering advice and tips on securing your first large research grant from a federal agency, featuring Tony Sastre and Rosemary Hunziker (both formerly of the NIH's National Institute…

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Colloquium: Dr. David Todd Lawrence: The Soul to See; The Courage to Fail

This week's podcast is a replay of Dr. David Todd Lawrence's colloquium talk, “The Soul to See; The Courage to Fail: Ethnography, Relationships, and Social Change”, from…

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Office of Naval Research Webinar with Tom Drake 11/18/2021

A discussion with Tom Drake, head of the Ocean Battlespace Sensing Department of the Office of Naval Research, which funds both basic research and applied research in the U.S. and internationally…

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Basic Research Funding from the Department of Defense with Bindu Nair 11/12/2021

Advice for researchers about finding funding from the Department of Defense for basic research, featuring Bindu Nair, director for basic research in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Recorded…

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Legal Research & Ruth Lilly Law Library Orientation | Fall 2021

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