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C101 Ch 5 V 6 Part 2

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G107 Week 6 Overview

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G107 Week 6 Overview~1

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G107 Week 2 Overview

Summary of Week 2 topics and assessments.

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c101 Ch 3 V 5

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A186 06-3 Accounting for Long Term Operational Assets

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Inverse of Square Matrix, Part c: Word Applicatiopn

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03/28/2016 Colloquium - Christiana Ochoa: “Contracts on the Seabed”

Over a million square kilometers of the non-sovereign seafloor is under mineral exploration licenses and, by some assessments, an additional four million square kilometers of seabed pertaining to…

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IU CIBER Hungary Language & Culture Modules 4: Economy

Part 4 of our series on the Language and Culture of Hungary. In this video, Dr. Peter Nemes reviews the basics of Hungary's economy, currency, and current trends. There is also information about…

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CIBER Focus: "Challenging the Role of Foreign Investors in Developing Economies" with Christiana Ochoa - January 22, 2015

Professor Christiana Ochoa of Indiana University's Maurer School of Law discusses her academic research and documentary titled "Otra Cosa No Hay" ("There is Nothing Else")…

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