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2006-10-21 at Ohio State - Halftime

10/21/06 at Ohio State:- The Way You Do the Things You Do, Can't Get Next to You

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2003-10-25 vs Ohio State - Halftime

10/25/03 vs Ohio State: - Live and Let Die, Help!, Got to Get You Into My Life, Jet

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1994-11-12 vs Ohio State - Halftime

11/12/94 vs Ohio State: - Back in the U.S.S.R., Got to Get You into My Life, Get Back, Let It Be

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2002-09-28 at Ohio State - Halftime

9/28/02 at Ohio State: - Take On Me / Call Me, Come On Eileen, Michael Jackson Medley

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1990-10-13 vs Ohio State - Halftime (Homecoming)

10/13/90 vs Ohio State: - Cherokee; Corner Pocket; Begin the Beguine; Sing, Sing, Sing

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1988-10-08 vs Ohio State - Halftime

10/8/88 vs Ohio State: - The Jetsons, The Pink Panther Theme, The Bugs Bunny Overture, Theme from 'Rocky and Bullwinkle', Cartoon Spoof

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1992-11-14 vs Ohio State - Halftime

11/14/92 vs Ohio State: - Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight, Barnum and Bailey's Favorite, Grand Old Flag, The Stars and Stripes Forever

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1992-09-12 vs Miami (OH) - Halftime

9/12/92 vs Miami (OH): - When You Wish Fanfare / Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, The Bare Necessities, Poppins Potpourri, Someday My Prince Will Come, When You Wish Upon a Star

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1986-10-11 vs Ohio State - Halftime (Homecoming)

10/11/98 vs Ohio State - Officer Krupke, Dance At the Gym, I Feel Pretty, Somewhere

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It’s Not So Black and White: Talking Race, From Ferguson to Bloomington

A panel at Indiana University Bloomington featuring widely known historian and writer William Jelani Cobb will discuss issues involving race, discrimination and the series of 2014 police shootings…

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