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“The Global Democratic Recession. And How to Reverse It” with Larry Diamond

Dr. Larry Diamond discusses a deepening global recession of freedom and democracy since 2006, which has accelerated in recent years with the spread of authoritarian populism. He identifies causes…

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09/11/2017 Colloquium Series: David Stadelmann Department of Economics, University of Bayreuth:“Politicians Change Their Behavior and Seek the Public Interest after Achieving Office”

Do newly elected politicians correspond to the public interest after achieving political office? We show that politicians change their behavior once changing from one elected office to another. In…

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POLS-Y 318 - The Powers of the Presidency

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Global Perspectives Series: Richard G. Lugar

Wednesday, April 23, 2014Senator Richard G. Lugar is a fifth generation Hoosier who served 36 years in the U.S. Senate. He retired in 2013 as the longest serving member of Congress in Indiana history…

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Lecturette on Writing for Decision Makers

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Intro to RTTP Copenhagen 2009

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04/10/2017 Colloquium Series - Kenneth Shepsle: “Rules and Rule Breaking, Institutions and Institutional Change”

The present paper begins with the well-traveled notion of institutions as “the rules of the game” and seeks to give some conceptual concreteness to the idea of rules in order to…

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Obtaining Thermodynamical Information from Isothermal Titration Calorimetry

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Being There 7

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Mon Oncle Boys' pranks

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US Elections_FU_IU_11-17-16.mp4 - Clipped by andreaam

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Lee H. Hamilton (2013), Government: Friend or Foe?

Birch Bayh Lecture Series

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10/21/16 Tocqueville Lecture Special Roundtable - “Is There a Role for Moderation in America’s Polarized Politics?”

PANELISTS: LEE H. HAMILTON, Former Congressman, School of Global and International Studies, School of Public and Environmental Affairs GEOFFREY KABASERVICE, author of Rule and Ruin: The Downfall of…

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10/21/16 Tocqueville Lecture - Geoffrey Kabaservice: “Trump and the Republican Party Crackup—A Moderate Historical Perspective”

One of the leading historians of the Republican Party discusses its forgotten moderate past and the conservative movement’s rise to power. The author will argue that Donald Trump’s…

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Y103 Chapter 10 - Part 3

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Y103 Chapter 10 - Module 3 DRAFT w SCOTUS IMAGES 10102016 1036

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Y103 Chapter 8 - Part 2

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Y103 Chapter 8 - Part 1

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Y103 Chapter 4 - Part 2

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Y103 Chapter 1 - Part One

What is Politics?

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Y103 Election Preview

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Media Effects

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Miss Representation - Media Bias Examples (1)

From Miss Representation

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