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Blooming with Bloom’s

This presentation will share application and usage of the classic educational tool Bloom’s Taxonomy, describing how this valuable pedagogical powerhouse can lead to increased student…

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2023 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference Keynote - Demonstrating Your Teaching Excellence Through Sharing Your Teaching Materials

Do you have a passion for teaching? Are you designing engaging and effective learning experiences for your students? Are you seeking ways to demonstrate your teaching excellence that go beyond…

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Supporting Student Success with Body Doubling

Some students who experience ADHD have difficulty focusing or starting tasks due to executive dysfunction. One possible way to support students who experience ADHD is called body-doubling, which…

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Unleashing Potential: AI Tools in Writing Instruction for Second Language Learners

This presentation immerses participants in the transformative potential of AI tools, focusing on their application in academic writing for second language (L2) learners. We will embark on an…

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Using Gamification to Increase Student Engagement

How can we spark a passion for learning in a world filled with routine quizzes, tests, discussion boards, and research papers? How can we increase motivation and maximize retention? The solution…

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Improving Equity in Your Classroom

I have always believed that every student in my classroom deserves an equal chance. However, this doesn't come easily or automatically; it requires a conscious and dedicated effort to respond…

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Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Creating Inclusive Education for All

This presentation will cover core concepts of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), understanding how it promotes equitable access, engagement and can improve success for all learners. We will…

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How Students Like an Automated Case Assignment

This presentation will demonstrate how students like a win-win teaching approach in a foundation finance course. Automating the traditional case teaching method in an online course (which can also…

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Co-Teaching in Teacher Education: Elementary Math and English Language Learner Professors Co-Designing and Modeling Equity

Our objective for this group presentation is to share a research-based framework that identifies effective and equitable co-teaching practices for EPPs to use to co-design, model, and measure…

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SARC Series - Dr. Molly Riddle

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Fine-tune your class with a Course Map

Mapping your course will tangibly show how course and module objectives, assessments, learning activities, and content assignments are aligned and work together in a well-designed course. It helps…

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Heading in the Right Direction: Developing Good Learning Objectives

Presented by Reiley Noe

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Brief update on MP#1

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ENG-W 500 Fall 2023 Welcome Video

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Module 3, Week 8

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Module 3 Overview

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Chapter 3 in Cloud (2018)

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Chapter 2 in Cloud (2018)

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Week 5 Recap / Week 6 Overview

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Video announcement (Wednesday, June 28)

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Overview of Cloud (2018), Chapter 1

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Miller, Introduction

Quick overview of the Introduction to Miller's Understanding Digital Culture

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Intro video for IM discussion forum

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June 6 video over IM2 readings

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