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2024 Post-Match Panel

Take a listen to APD Dr. Curtis Wright and 3 of our amazing medical students discuss the 2024 match process and provide advice for the upcoming cycle.

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Engaging Students through Active Learning – Mark Uebel

Student needs:   • Learning to work with others through solving management issues.   • Gaining mastery of material by helping others learn.   • Communicating in face-to-face…

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About the Canvas Discussion Redesign: What you need to know – David Rainbolt

A discussion of the Canvas Discussion tool redesign project. I will discuss parity with the original discussions tool as well as new features available in the redesign. 

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2024 Adjunct Faculty Scholars Conference - Introductions and Keynote

The 2024 Keynote address is presented by Steve Bowman. For over 20 years, Steve Bowman has taught literature and writing at IU Southeast. He has been nominated for two distinguished teaching awards,…

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Leveraging Design Tools to Level Up Online Courses – Youngstrom, Murday, and Petrina

Indiana University has an exciting suite of design tools that makes it easier than ever to create beautiful and engaging online courses. One of these tools, the DesignPLUS sidebar, allows you to…

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Student Equity & Course Development: Nontraditional Collaborative Agencies – Tory Schendel-Vyvoda

As an adjunct, I introduce non-traditional academic practices by working with students and the Evansville African American Museum to create unique courses in which students help create classes to…

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Challenges and Strategies Enhancing Support for ESL Instructors in Academic Settings – Soran Tarkhani

This presentation delves into the unique challenges faced by non-native English-speaking instructors, especially in rural educational settings. We will explore linguistic hurdles, such as…

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FY24 Budget Training Presentation 4.11.23

If you have any questions regarding the presentation, please reach out to your financial liaison.

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